Worst Wrestler of All Time

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolphbk, Aug 3, 2013.

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  1. The WWE has screwed up quite a few times but overall who was the worst wrestler of all-time.
  2. To Me it has to be The Brooklyn Brawler
  3. Khali is a safe bet, what a shit waste he is every single time on tv. Really cant think of many wrestlers i hated as a kid because i thought they were bad, probably just because they were forgettable.
  4. Hornswoggle if he counts
  5. Khali or Hornswoggle.

  6. Pretty much what this guy said, is what I think.
  7. Fuckin doink. :gtfo:
  8. Well Khali can hardly move,cannot form a sentence,not athletic,cannot tell a story and just does chops and he ended up winning the WHC. Giant Gonzalez who was Khali like as well was fucking garbage.

    Hornswoggle takes the biscuit though what a little shit.
  9. Brutus the barber beefcake.
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    The Great Khali, as many people have said, he can't sell, he can barely walk, he can barely wrestle and he can barely talk. Also, his gimmick was fucking terrible and killed his monster vibe, The 'Punjabi Playboy' really?
  11. Khali is really a bad wrestler. He's really tall, but that's all what Khali has....
  12. Daniel Bryan :troll:
  13. You damn wrong! CM Punk :troll:
  14. I think Khali is up there. I mean he looks like he struggles to walk let alone bloody wrestle.
  15. SInce I've been watching over the past year, Khali is definitely the worst wrestler I've ever seen. I don't understand how he has a job.
  16. That short vanilla midget known as Austin Aries
  17. Khali, i felt like we've had this thread 4 times already
  18. :true:
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