Worst wrestler(s) to ever hold a Championship

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  1. There have been plenty of topics on who is the most talented wrestler to never hold a major championship.

    I'd like to know who you think is the least talented wrestler to hold a championship of any kind.

    (BTW David Arquette doesnt count, no explanation needed)

    My choice, bar none, is Khali.

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  2. Jeff Jarrett in WCW. Good (not great) wrestler, but boring on the mic and not main event material by any means.
  3. David Arquette doesn't count huh. :hmm:

    Vince Russo.
  4. Jeff Hardy
    Vince McMahon
  5. Judy Bagwell. Don't forget that one
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  6. I'll look at it from a Business standpoint and give my serious answer. Diesel. A full year by someone who never should have been a face. He also has the lowest ratings, merchandise, and ticket sales of any champion in WWF/E history.

    Swagger btw was pretty bad abut wouldn't say him simply because Diesel held it for a year. A year of drawing poorly is worse than a young guy given the strap too soon and it being taken off not long after.
  7. Should have been Bob Backlund with that year-long reign. :lol1:
  8. How... Did I forget this!
  9. ... Hornswoggle or Ed Ferrara.

    Because obvious.

    I'm not pointing out DDT and it's crazy Ironman Heavymetalweight Champions.

    Unless you want me too?
  10. Great Khali and Hornswoggle. Hands down, because even some people who were bad, like Ultimate Warrior were at least over with the crowd, Khali was boring and dull as fuck, and Hornswoggle is the same
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