Worst wrestling matches you ever saw?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by PSachkovsky, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. What are your most favorite WORST matches you ever seen?

    Here's one I've seen:

    A bunch of fatasses trying to wrestle. This is just god awful... :facepalm1:
  2. I was once at High School, we were bored and we decided to make an amateur wrestling match... It was freaking bad, I won, but it was pathetic
  3. Oh bugger nvm


    also :yay:

  4. First link, as soon as I clicked on it, I was like: "WTF is that?!"

    Second video: "Wow, your parents must be cousins, FTJ!"
  5. Worst I saw was that mixed tag team match on Raw back in 2002 (Bradshaw and Trish versus Nowinski and Jackie.)

    It won worst match of the year in 2002. Jackie fucked up at the end in a couple ways, showing what a bright decision WWE made in making her the second winner of Tough Enough. (Remember the controversy back then of two women winning the second Tough Enough instead of one man and one woman like the previous year?)

    I'm sure if I watched people struggle to wrestle in a high school or some crap match in some indy fed, my opinion would probably change.
  6. INB4 he sues for copyright
  7. Fun fact he's a member here, guess which one.
  9. The one who fails hard at being CM Punk?!
  10. Does Sting vs Hardy count also, at least we got a match from these guys instead of Jeff falling over the steps.
  11. Bingo, respect gohan = FTJ
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  12. Fatima the Jalapeño ftw.
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  13. Mahatma Ghandi cut better shit than that :dawg:
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  14. It began well but then he started speaking :downer:

    I'm FTJ Aka Frank The Jock but you kno...already know that.
  15. Kris Lewie's dead brother cuts better promos in his grave, God rest his soul.
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