Worst Year?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by blackterminator, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. In WWE/F history, what year, in your humbled opinion, is the worst year? Why is it the worst year to you?

    PS: I give all credits to Britt for giving me the idea.
  2. Probably 08 that was terrible
  3. To me the worst year for WWE would have to be 1995-1996 due to a numerous of reasons. Their too cartoony gimmicks almost got them bankrupt and it didn't help when Eric pulled the trigger on the NWO idea.
  4. Whatever the first PG era year was
  5. 95. The year of Diesel.
  6. Can't say much as I wasn't watching then (duh) but Diesel's booking on that reign was poor. They should've kept the belt on Backlund until WM at least.
  7. 2008 was a pretty bad year. It was the beginning of the decline of ECW, a lot of the talent that WWE was investing in had left (Bobby Lashley), and i'm sure that's when PG started going in at full force. I'm sure that was another year of Super Cena as well.
  8. 1995 was their worst year financially for a reason. I mean, Diesel and Mabel headlining Summerslam? Yikes.

    I tuned out between 2007-2009 completely, but looking through those three years, they seem pretty boring as well.
  9. 09 and 10.
  10. :smug:

    I think mine is 09/10ish. I almost didn't keep watching. Sheamus was all over the place with his white ass.
  11. In my view in that time is that Sheamus got pushed way too soon.
  12. Exactly. I think it ruined his career. He's just meh now.
  13. I agree with this one. I was getting older and wwe was getting more childish. It's not as bad as it was though IMO
  14. It really did the damage on him. They should of just waiting a year or 2 to push him like that. The same thing happened to Del Rio.
  15. I know :sad:

    I really liked Alberto and they ruined him.
  16. Yeah and I didn't like that or understand. They could of just kept Sheamus and Del Rio as mid carders first then go up for the main event this year or next.
  17. I think I know why they do this. They're really lazy, and they'll need a big star for the future, so they just shove pushes up their asses to see if they get over by themselves and make them money. Kinda like Lesnar. Either that, or they try to counter the fact that they bring them up to the main roster when they're 33 or 34, so if they want them to go to the ME, they have to do it soon. Either way, it's their own fault (WWE).
  18. How they built D-Bry and Ziggler, should have been the same for them. They wouldn't need to be pulling in so much more talent at once.
  19. ^ Then again, D-Bry let the fans build him. Vince hates how over he is. :vince:
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