Worth Watching Modern Weekly Wrestling?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zardnaar, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. I have had the WWE network for a while now and are currently chewing through the atitude era which Imissed a lot of. Currently up to March 1999, kind of sad in a way because Owen in May is coming up.

    I have enjoyed most of the modern Payper View events and have not yet tried the Cruiser Weight Classics or NXT.

    The main reason is there is just to much of it.

    Attitude era 2 hours of RAW and yeah I get the can't miss vibe of it ass you want to see what happens next and the how can you top this thing. I'm watching 3 or 4 episodes a week as the TC schedule is quiet.

    RAW 3 hours
    Smackdown 2 hours
    CWC/NXT 1 hour each?

    And now pay per views every 2 weeks. If I watched 2 attitude era shows a week I am looking at 1 hours of wrestling a week and modern main events are to damn long.

    3 hours is ideal for a main event maybe 4 hours for something like Wrestlmania.

    I can't be bothered following that amount of wrestling and I tend to watch RAW highlights but apparently Smackdown is better. I enjoyed the Rumble, Wrestlmania was OK, SS a bit weak and I liked Backlash a lot.

    Doesn't help RAW/Smackdown are a month behind.

    Thoughts? TV shows are starting back up now and yeah less time for wrestling. I'm also enjoying the womens matches more than a lot of the mens ones and way more than the 1999 attitude era matches.
  2. Smackdown is the best show, RAW has its moments.
  3. Eh it comes down to preference.

    I do agree 2 ppv a month makes for too much. Give them 1 brand a month. Alternating months.

    I personally can't decide which brand I like better.

    RAW has alot of great competitors and a thicker roster.
    Smackdown has some good competitors aswell but their roster is very thin. I have been watching both religiously since the split but for now I personally prefer RAW. How can you not like KO as champ? And with Jericho as his best friend they make one hell of a team.
    Smackdown has the phenomenal aj for a champ but he's stuck with ambrose and cena. I'll be interested in seeing where things go up to survivor series.

    It is worth watching though I think. OK bed time it'd nearly 5am new lol
  4. Definitely give a shot to NXT, CWC and Lucha Underground.
  5. With nxt, raw, smackdown, and ppvs WWE is giving us 30+ hours a month of wrestling. I personally can't keep up with all this so I've resorted to watching the highlights on YouTube
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