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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Thunderlips, Feb 4, 2016.

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  1. As you know ive only been watching wwe regularly for about two years

    In that time i hear smackdown come im for some stick on podcasts and stuff

    I watch it occasionally but i never seem to lose out on any important storylines when i do miss it

    Is it imperative to watch it to keep up with fueds and are the matches on the same level as the raw matches

    Just a quick poondering id like some view on
  2. I don't think I've ever watched Smackdown with any regularity, and I still feel updated during the PPVs.
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  3. Missing out on SmackDown ain't much of a big deal. You can always read the results online and keep up with it.

    I rarely watch the full show, only when I'm extremely bored, but I usually cherry-pick stuff from the show.
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  4. I started watching when LUG went off the air - wanted more wrestling to keep track of besides just NXT - and usually wound up enjoying it, but most of that was because... well... it's Smackdown. You go in knowing it's a filler show, the important stuff will wait for Raw, there won't be any major surprises or match of the year contenders or anything like that, wrestling for wrestling's sake is more forgivable and less boring, the commentary is much better, Vince has less say-so, and canned pops are there if that bothers you.

    Basically since the expectations are so low you can usually wind up pretty entertained by what you see, and some surprising gems pop up on there. Plus, hell, whatever the important stuff is on Raw gets replayed on Smackdown, and the whole story from Raw gets talked up in the opening segment, so why would you watch Raw when SD is a thing?

    but now there's at least 3 other wrestling shows a week you should prioritize over SD
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  5. So whats with main event then i cant keep up?
  6. I'm one of the odd ones. But I think Smackdown and Main event are two of the better shows WWE puts out.
    They are solid in ring shows that has something that delivers every week. And it is pretty obvious just looking at it that Vince and Kevin Dunn are not backstage for these tapings, but allow Triple H, Ryan Ward and Road Dogg to call the shots. It's a much more relaxed set of shows
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  7. Are superstars and main event part of the narrative or just to show extra wrestling
  8. They make reference to stuff going on. But they aren't exactly part of the narrative. Jack Swagger is the king of Main Event. I could watch him and Kevin Owens have 20 minute matches for days
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  9. Looks like they are setting up a herl turn on this weeks smackdown right?

    Ambrose hitting Roman off the apron
  10. Nah, no heel turn. Just getting the "Every man for himself!" part of the triple threat over as the championship dreams put brother against brother.
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  11. Aaahhhh right thanks Snowman
  12. Watch styles vs miz and Owens vs Kalisto
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