WrestleMania Would a Cena heel turn be the biggest of all time?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. Discuss. I personally think it would be.
  2. I really don't know, Hogan's, HHH's and HBK's were pretty big too.
  3. The latter two wouldn't even be in the competition, well, HBK maybe just because of the shock value. But Hogan is the closest, but I seriously think Cena's would be bigger.
  4. lololol no chance. Nothing can touch Hogan's turn. It was too perfect.
  5. I'm with Dolph, I really can't see anything surpassing Hogan's turn.
  6. Hogan's was the biggest. For now at this time, his would be the biggest but not the "all time biggest".
  7. i'd personally hate it if he became a 'bad guy.' the ppl who hate him would probably do be doing the same things if they were in his position. I did cry when Hogan became a bad guy, so if John did too I'd put him up there with him as well
  8. NO HOGAN WAS! B/c we all want Cena to turn heel! Know 1 really want Hogan to turn heel! And his heel turn came b/c he was in WCW! It would have never have been if he was in WWE b/c Vince know balls to turn the number 1 guy heel Stone Cold he did but peple still like Stone Cold even though he was bad guy. So I would make hogan more of stocker heel turn then cena if that were to ever have been though?
  9. I do think Cena's heel turn would be the biggest of all time, it would be close to Stone Cold's at wrestlemania X7, except it would be more of a surprise because Cena has always been a baby face, kids love him and he is so PG, if Cena goes heel it would definitely be better for his career
  10. It depends when it happens, if it happens in year, not many people will be chocked, but if he's been a face for a very long time and then, bam, turns heel, a lot more people will be chocked. So to say if he's around 5-10 years from now and then turn, people will be chocked, but I don't think on the same level as Hogan chocked.
  11. Hulk Hogan's heel turn is the biggest impactual heel turn to date. He was the biggest star of the industry for a long time, & such a baby-face for so long. For him to turn heel, against the hulkamaniacs & everything, was a huge move in wrestling. I don't think if John Cena turned heel at WrestleMania would better Hogan's heel turn.
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