Money in the Bank Would a Double Turn be the best move?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by C.M. Shaddix, May 27, 2016.

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  1. Roman Reigns will be taking on Rollins at MITB and everyone is making Rollins look like the face. Do you WWE should pull a move a la Stone Cold/Bret Hart at MITB and make Rollins the face and Roman the heel? Roman retains but he'll be the heel in the end of the night and Rollins will emerge the baby face role he should have soon. I think it's a great idea and it is a proper turn.
  2. Rollins is positioned as a heel in the feud, but he's getting babyface reactions (shocker), while Reigns is positioned as a tweener, but he's mostly getting heel reactions.

    That leaves Ambrose, who's already a babyface, and now he's going to win MITB.

    They're obviously building to a Shield triple-threat... Where Ambrose is the face, Rollins is the heel and Reigns is the tweener.
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  3. I don't know how they would orchestrate that. At Wrestlemania 13 (an event I was fortunate enough to attend) although Bret Hart was starting to lose a little fan support, he was still VERY popular. Steve Austin, on the other hand, if you go back to the Royal Rumble, had gotten a rather dead ovation. Austin was, however, very big in Chicago at the time. We were actually chanting his name before the PPV even came on. It was a pretty perfect setting for the turn.

    A double turn here would be more just like WWE saying, "Okay, we give in. You fans want this, we're giving it to you the way you want." I think it would lack drama and might even be hard to indicate the moment it happens in the match. I mean, Roman already has done some heel like actions. I'm sure those of us who would like Rollins as a face don't want him to just start being a good guy who does everything completely fairly. So how would we even know that the double turn happened? It could just be Roman being the same Roman he has been. We've all indicated his "heel turn" on several different occasions now.
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  4. See, babe! You're more than just eye candy :emoji_wink:
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  5. Might be a dumb question. Probably is, but what the fuck is a tweener? I get heel and face but not that. Is that neutral?
  6. He's not a good guy, he's not a bad guy, he's THE GUY.
    Basically neutral.
  7. I think princes idea makes the most sense. Roman is neutral. Seth heel. Dean face. Let dean win MITB and then cash in at mania 33 so that we have Roman vs dean vs Seth. Then let Seth make the face turn after he wins at mania.
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  8. Dang, we all know it's gonna end with Roman champ at Mania 33 tho...
  9. Doubt it.
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  10. Better not
  11. With the pops and way Seth is getting responses, it's a matter of
    Time before he's a face and the top dog
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  12. Creative plans were to have him main event mania for the next 4 years or so
  13. Main event is one thing, always winning is another.
  14. Let's face it, he's always gonna win
  15. Reigns winning = Bad ending

    Ambrose = normal ending

    Rollins= Good ending
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  16. Sadly probably true. I'm just hoping that Seth overrides it. He might. They finally pushed punk after he kept getting pops and viewers tuning in. They may just decide fuck Roman and push Seth.
  17. The reactions that Seth has got and the way Roman has been booed out the park recently it'd be a good idea. But WWE. However I just hope we can build to a Mania 33 triple threat with The Shield all going at each other with Reigns the heel, Rollins the face and Ambrose just Ambrose.
  18. Kinda off topic since y'all basically covered everything, but don't rule out Triple H in all of this.

    The Game wants his guaranteed rematch with Roman Reigns for sure, that's his character. He wants Roman, but if he's gunning after title that can piss off Seth who Stephanie has already told he's on his own now... Some form of a reunited Authority in the way of the rematch - or even showing up at MITB, will leave the question if anyone's on anyone's side...

    And of course if you really want to run with "Who's the Corporate Champ" crap again, may as well do it with the actual corporate champ, right? :otunga:
  19. I can't see this working simply because I think the big Reigns turn would be against someone else, not former members in the shield.
  20. Keep Roman face. Let the smarks keep crying.
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