Would a younger star benefit from HHH's gimmick?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 13, 2013.

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  1. His gimmick at the moment seems to be back to him being the "badass ass kicker" - would a younger star benefit more with a gimmick like that? On SmackDown, he turned up with the leather jacket and sun glasses, and cut a promo about how the ass kicker is back etc. I just think a gimmick like this is what is needed in WWE, and is why the fans tend to get behind the heels, because they act more like bad asses instead of smiley babyfaces.

    If so, who would be the young star you would give the gimmick too?
  2. I think O'Brian will use a similar gimmick
  3. Yeah, for sure. Not sure who could work with it though.
  4. I'm not sure who could live up to the cerebral assassin gimmick on the roster in all honesty, if you're meaning a general badass feel to them then yeah that can be done easily and should be for most faces, they need a human element to them.
  5. He didn't really portray the assassin gimmick on SmackDown though. He had the leather jacket and sun glasses, but the content of his promo was about how he wanted to fight, and did, and how he is back to kicking asses. A gimmick like that with a young face would go wonders, but it's stuck with a part-timer unfortunately.
  6. Woops my bad just skim read the OP and I thought we were talking about his old gimmick for some reason, yeah that one could be done pretty easily by a few guys. I'd like to see Roman Reigns take on a similar persona post Shield in all honesty, he just has that presence.
  7. Definitely has the presence, but does he have the promo ability? Part of being one of those anti-hero badasses is cutting promos like Austin, Rock, and HHH have done in that role.
  8. I wouldn't say that's too important tbh as he wouldn't be that kind of badass a better comparison would be Goldberg, he'll get by on presence and intensity so the mic work won't matter too much although he seems to be improving as time goes by. I know that the silent badass role seems to be filled by Ryback on Raw so I'd make Smackdown Romain's domain before they clash a few years down the line. I'd really want them to stay separate for a long time to build the immovable object vs the irresistible force feel.
  9. Big E sort of has that as well though. I think that's overplayed at the moment, but Reigns would play it well.
  10. Yeah in my world Big E was given a big P45
  11. The Cerebral Assassin/The Game gimmick and being an ass kicker isn't really all that different, though I guess there does lie some sort of difference. Being the Cerebral Assassin implies being smarter in the ring and able to outwit other wrestlers and utilize your strengths and hone in on their weaknesses to defeat them, regardless of who they are or what their size is. Owen Hart was actually considered for this gimmick and nickname first, so I think it could be given to Daniel Bryan if he goes a more serious route one of these days. (But even this isn't the most unique of gimmicks, since just anyone could mention this sort of stuff in promos. I guess the uniqueness all lies in the nickname.)

    As for being a big ass kicker, that's not really a unique gimmick or anything. There's been several bad ass gimmicks, though they may come in slightly different forms. You could just as well use Undertaker's American Bad Ass gimmick as an example. And speaking of which, since Goldberg was brought up, I always thought if Goldberg had a different persona of sorts, he really could have used the American Bad Ass gimmick. The nickname, the leather jacket, the glasses (sometimes) and the motorcycle.
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  12. I think someone would benefit from it but it's not just enough to have that gimmick. It's important that whomever is given that gimmick is great on the mic and expresses that persona in the ring. It seems like Reigns could fit this role really well since he's super intense and has great in-ring presence. I'd welcome anyone who could sell this persona really well since I agree that it's needed in the WWE.
  13. They may be going down that road with Corey Graves, but A) have a long way to go, B) need to pick someone who isn't a scrawny bastard.

    Would love to say Mcintyre but 3MB ruined him, so gotta go McGillicutty here.
  14. Bring back finlay. He loves to fight
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  15. I don't think anyone said it was unique... It's just a question as to whether a younger star would benefit from this gimmick, and if so, who.
  16. Mcgillicutty could probably make it work on a mid card level at least. Not sure on if he could do it in the main event. A rebuilt Drew could do it.
  17. Magilliputty? McIntyre? Those two don't look badass at all lmao. Give the gimmick to WB or someone like that.
  18. McGillicuty would need a repackage. He can't have that name and appear any where near the main roster. I agree that he has the potential talent to play a role similar, but it'd be more Mr Anderson, and not badass HHH. I too see his potential though; he reminds me of a mini Bobby Roode at times.

    Yeah fuck McIntyre. Not sure about Wade.
  19. I think Roman Reigns would fit perfectly. He's got the size, and the look for it. Being the badass guy just requires decent mic skills since basically you're gonna be like, "You wanna fuck with me, not if I fuck with you first" kinda mic stuff(yes I know it's not PG but it's just an example). I think his move set adjusts well to that as well. It's a simple gimmick, that a love of people love. I'm sure Roman wouldn't mess it up, since I do like the part in the shield he is in right now as the muscle. His screams and power attacks are great, and can adjust well to the gimmick.
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