Would any of you like Stephanie as the Divas Champion?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sooo Kia, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. Stephanie seems like she'd like to help the Divas out, so why not win the title herself? She could be really catty and act like she's their friend and be really supportive but she runs through the older girls and denies the newer girls a chance. Soon enough, Charlotte and Becky pin her to a corner and she eventually has to do a job. It would be funny if even Hunter doubted Stephanie could beat Charlotte. I'm not sure this could last until Wrestlemania but maybe this is how Ronda Rousey could get involved and celebrate with the winner.
  2. I like the idea but I don't know how well Stephanie would do again with the current DIVAS in the ring. I would be a pretty good storyline if she would give it a go in the ring again.
  3. It would be fun to see and Stephanie has a personal trainer along with a husband who can help her make good decisions. I def don't want her to overdo it, but just enough to get fans behind the Divas realize how important the title is.
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  4. Steph is pushing 40 and has 3 kids. She does have to think about them to. It would be terrible if she got in the ring and got injured or wasn't completely 100%. It would be fun to see and I am all for the promotion of anything to do with the DIVAS and the importance of the title and all of them to the company as well.
  5. Thanks, but no thanks.
  6. No, I'd be so annoyed if she was champ for like 5 months or more
  7. I would rather the divas division go away and they just have Steph cut 10 minute "state of the WWE" promos on Raw instead of having a 6 lady tag match that nobody gives a shit about.
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  8. Absolutely not.

    Stephanie holding the Women's championship belt back in 2001 made sense- a lot of the women were eye candy and/or couldn't wrestle well. In 2015 when the roster has a good number of accomplished female wrestlers that could have a good title reign, the idea of Stephanie taking the Divas belt seems awful.
  9. Fuck that idea. She wasn't a good champ in 2000-2001 and she wouldn't be a good one now.

    The best way to help the divas is to not have Stephanie involved at all. If I want to see middle aged women with breast implants fight I'd travel to America during Black Friday
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  10. Not a safe idea bro. It's more dangerous than Running with the Bulls, you are almost assured to get trampled.

  11. Is helicopter observation safe? Or will they take it down with a rogue toaster oven?
  12. Nah, you'd be safe from a helicopter. As long as you aren't in the direct path between a bargain-thirsty MILF and her kid's new toy you should be straight
  13. Stephanie (both in real life and as an on-screen persona) considers herself several pedestals higher than the rest of the WWE Divas, so I can't imagine that she'd want to compete for the Diva's Championship like the rest of the herd. Can you even picture her carrying that horrible-looking butterfly title around on her shoulders? If we're being technical, Stephanie doesn't really consider herself a 'Diva' anyway, so competing for a title that has the word 'Diva' in it would be 'beneath' her.

    Furthermore, she'll be on the wrong side of 40 in just over a year from now, so I doubt she wants to step into the ring on a frequent basis like being the Diva's Champion would require her to do. Even when she was the Women's Champion for a year when she was around the age of 23 or 24, she only defended it one time and that was the night that she lost it lol.

    The closet permutation to this idea I can see is Stephanie putting over whoever the Diva's Champion is at a given time in a grudge match or something (Stephanie putting over one of the other women in a match? Bwahahaha... Like that would ever happen.)
  14. No, I don't mind if she was the manager to a powerhouse Diva, but the actual champion... No.
  15. I for one love the DIVAS and the matches they are in. Hell if they get rid of the DIVAS altogether one of my major future goals goes right out the window. That would be not very cool at all.
  16. This is so weird. I'm the only one who thinks it would be fitting to see Charlotte defeat the evil princess. This happens in the men's division even when the person is cowardly or doesn't show up at all. I understand Stephanie is elderly but I don't think people will care if Charlotte slaps Nikki Bella around that much. I have to disagree with all of you even though I heard each of your thoughts. I do think she believes she's above everybody but I think she'd love the attention even more so. Thanks, anyway, for everybody who replied.
  17. I liked your idea actually, but I don't think Vince or Stephanie would want her to get back into the ring even though it would be fun seeing someone like Charlotte or Paige whip her ass up and down the ring.
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  18. Stephanie shouldn't ever wrestle again, just be the authority figure.. Nikki is doing great as champion and should hold it past September, at least mid-September.
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  19. Very true
  20. I'm going to go against the grain (I know, complete shocker!) and say that this is actually a pretty decent idea.

    Stephanie is, by all reports, in very good shape and we all know she wouldn't have to wrestle on every Raw or even on every PPV. She could win the title, defend it (through nefarious means, natch) on a couple of shows, then drop it to a Charlotte (I would pick Becky Lynch or Paige, but that's just me).

    The change I would make to the idea would be to have Ronda Rousey appear at the Rumble and cost Steph the title against Charlotte, Becky, or Paige, which leads to an angle between Steph and Rousey where Steph stacks the deck against Rousey for a Manis match between them, which Rowdy wins anyway.

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