WrestleMania Would anyone have a huge problem with Cena winning?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. Against good old Rocky. If so, tell me why you think it's wrong.
  2. Not really, the old guard should always put over the new.
  3. Many might on a personal level, but it should be the obvious ending of the match for anyone who has any sense of storytelling and booking logic. Honestly, anyone who thinks Rock should win this one knows nothing about wrestling. I know some would claim that about the first match, but knowing the plans now that we didn't know then (that Rock was come back and win the belt, which is set up much better with Rock winning his comeback match against Cena), it now makes perfect sense. Especially with Cena's story about redemption.
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  4. due to recent events of the rock not being advertised for EC John is going to win.

    PS. TBH i won't mind having john win the title. John vs Punk wwe championship match at ec
  5. Think Cena is going to win, Rocky is a good wrestler, ok, won't say no, but he won't appear in a while because of the Rock's new film, so I think Rock is having a rematch at ER and loose again. That's what I think its going to happen
  6. And you're not being voted for MOTM why? I agree 100% with what you said, it's not that I have a problem with Cena winning it's just been such a predictable outcome since like a few months ago :/
  7. My only problem with this is that I'll have to sit through a John Cena WWE title reign afterwards. But it makes sense storyline-wise, of course.
  8. thats what i was thinking
  9. Not at all. It would bother me if Rock won, cause then we would have Rock-Cena 3.
  10. It's a bit irritating that the rub off of Rock's mini unbeaten record has to go to Cena. Don't get me wrong, I'm hardly saying that he's gonna be worthless afterwards, but it could be put to much better use. But yeah, if WWE insist on giving us this shit, then Cena absolutely has to go over.
  11. I personally don't mind as John Cena hasn't won the Championship in a while and can win the title against someone really credible for once.
  12. I don't have a problem with him winning, it's the thought of him being his happy-go-lucky BS character with the title (which no doubt he'll hold for months) which I have a problem with.
  13. As long as his reign doesn't last long, I'm down with it.
  14. No. Only logical choice.
  15. I just do not like the fact that the win is predictable.

    I hate the fact that most of the stuff that happens is so damned predictable.

    They need to adapt to the anyone can beat anyone mentality.

    Coin flip for the win per match and let the boys and girls put in a show!!

    Heath slater upset win over cm punk on raw??? Yes please!
  16. :Robbie:
    Crayo just choked on his crumpet!
  17. What are the chances he holds it for a year, setting up Rock / Cena 3 at WM.

    It's unlikely but I can see it happening.
  18. He has movies to film later this year, so no. Assuming you're referring To The Rock and not Cena.

    I think Cena winning the second bout and then going with the whole "They're 1-1, who will win the rubber match" is the best way to go with it since there will obviously be a third match in the future. To make their third and final match special, they could finally unify the belts by having The Rock win the World Heavyweight Championship and then have him job to WWE Champion Cena and unify the championships, although I'd absolutely hate that. The second ever undisputed champion (Jericho being the first) should be someone new(er), not someone who would have been the top guy for the last nine years at that point. But it's something I could see happening.

    I really hope the rubber match happens at Summerslam, though. I don't want to be cheated out of Cena/Undertaker for next year's event or have three Wrestlemanias in a row centered around the same exact feud (would feel almost like four, since the build to WM27 even felt more like Rock/Cena than Cena/Miz.)
  19. Yeah I was talking about Cena, in an odd way I could see them going that way for the rubber stamp match.
  20. People say that Cena needs this win, why? Cena's far and away the biggest star on the roster and has been overpushed to nearly untouchable status, and that's one of the main reasons why he's been rejected by so much of the fanbase. What's putting him over the Rock going to do? It'll just make him look bigger, and imo that's the last thing the Cena character needs. So I'd have a problem with it in that aspect, but WWE's already locked into this.

    What's the alternative? Yeah Rock can mop the floor with Cena's candy ass again, but then what? Drop the strap to a glorified rookie in Ryback? Or to ADR who hasn't really had the time to catch on? Or maybe Sheamus, who's Sheamus? Maybe Orton if they turn him heel? Ziggler in a Title Unification match, despite Ziggler's jobbing? Bleh. Nobody else is ready for that kind of rub. They could use this to facilitate a Cena heel turn, but that would be a bigger disaster since the above names would be carrying the company. So maybe Cena just getting his win back would be the right thing for business.
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