Would anyone miss Randy if he never came back?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. I think I read he is planning to return in the next few months but honestly, I have read this before.
    I only really liked him when he was the Legend Killer... These days he is just a robot with almost no charisma.
    I really wouldn't miss the guy if he retired. Not to say I have been regular watching wrasslin or anything.

    Would you miss Randy Orton if he didn't return?
  2. I'd miss him. I've always liked him and that'll never change.

    He's going to face Lesnar at SummerSlam, btw. Talk about a dope match.
  3. Really? So did he come back then? I haven't been keeping up with anything. I always watch Brock matches though.
  4. Probably. He's never been my favorite, but he's capable of putting on good matches/having quality rivalries. No need to have him in the ME scene, but him being in the Cena role is actually kinda needed imo.
  5. No, but he's expected to return anytime now.

    This is probably true, even though the announcement wasn't made during SmackDown as advertised.
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  6. Who is Randy Orton? Sorry, according to WWE I only remember what happened 2 weeks prior.

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    Yea, I probably would since I was introduced to WWE when Orton was doing his legacy stuff which was his best stuff imo
  7. Would definitely miss him, he can work with just about anyone and put on a great match. Highly entertaining.
  8. He's back and fighting Brock. I'm happy
  9. No.
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  10. Inspite of being a complete asshole, he is a great wrestler. He can make a rivalry entertaining and work with anyone to have an awesome match.

    That said, after a while (if he never returned) it wouldnt be that big a deal to me, which honestly is the case with most of the roster for me. Out of sight, out of mind.
  11. He is returning. It was announced he's facing Brock at summerslam
  12. I heard, my reply was just what my reaction would be in case the OP was right :emoji_slight_smile:
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  13. Yeah. He's like one of the last non vanilla midgets
  14. Who's a vanilla midget? Seems like they have a good quota between the two.

    I would miss him, when I think back on his career in hindsight, years from now. But I currently don't mind him not being on TV. He did his best work as a cocky, blue-chipper, that talked a big game and proved it. I still have mass respect for the hardcore work he did as the pretty boy. Not many can stand in the same ring as Mick Foley, and seem just as, if not more, immune to pain and sick. But, in recent years, he's kind of fell off. He isn't as energetic and enthusiastic as he used to be, but I guess that's his character. I really couldn't stand his over-acting bald head in 2009. Hated him, and not in the heel way - more in the X-pac way.

    His 2013-2014 heel run was great too, but they turned him face, despite not being cheered. He seemed even more disinterested after the face turn.
  15. Since he's my favorite talent in WWE and 1 of the reasons i continue to watch, of course i would miss him.. bu he's been gone for so long and misused, it wouldn't be a huge deal.
  16. Him coming back and facing is Brock is beyond perfect for him. Randy will not only have motivation for this match, but he could easily steal the show as the heel.
  17. I forgot he was gone, so technically not really, lol.
    But as a talent he definitely has a lot to contribute, so no offense to the guy
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  18. Heel Orton is awesome. I dont watch WWE, so not really, but aren't you in the same boat Brita?

    He is like the Miz. I wouldn't miss him, but you need amazing heels to make the face get over in the best way possible. Heel orton if booked well would be amazing.
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  19. As an overall talent, sure. But his spot on the card has been readily usurped at this point.

    I hope Randy gets apart time deal. His body is catching up to him very quickly.
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  20. Not the biggest fan here, I actually forgot all about him.
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