Would Braun Strowman's squash path result in a debuting....

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    Would Braun Strowman's path of destruction result in the debut of Samoa Joe?

    Braun Strowman has now been in kayfabe yelling at management to give him competition and he just gets more jobbers. I think this can result in Steph and Mick calling up real competition for Braun from NXT... Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe will be a face because of this, but aye we love the guy. Now who wins the feud, might sadly be Braun but this would really boost his character with a win over the Samoan Destroyer.

    The way I would do this is after a squash match with 3 jobbers Braun gets a mic and says this is getting ridiculous and he needs a real fight and not all these jobbers. Then out comes Samoa Joe to a big pop, Joe says "you want a fight? You got it." This match isn't scheduled right away, instead both Braun and Joe get squash matches as build up to the ladder match at a special/ppv. I wouldn't know who to put over but I just think this type of Joe debut would be good for him and help keep Braun an interesting character despite how green he still is.
  2. Nice, that would give a massive pop. I'd like it, Joe could show Strowman how its done!
  3. Terrible idea man............ you want Joe to lose to Strowman in his debut on the main roster?
  4. No.

    Joey Headrocker to go to SmackDown Live, please and thank you.

    Plus, RAW shouldn't be getting all of the good talent from NXT.

    And as much as I dislike Strowman, it wouldn't make sense for him to lose to the first serious competition.
  5. His first opponent will most likely be a NXT call up (Not Samoa Joe):joe:, Titus O'Neal or unfortunately Darren Young.:facepalm2:
  6. After he's done squashing jobbers, I assume they'll probably have him steamroll through Mark Henry and Big Show.
  7. Didn't even think about those two
  8. Oh, but I did. :adr:

    I can totally see it happening, probably after the HIAC PPV.

    Strowman's demanded real competition, right? So, having either The World's Largest Athlete or The World's Strongest Man come out and be like: "You want real competition? I'mma kick your ass, boy!"

    And of course, they don't get to beat Strowman, but having Strowman wreck veteran giants like Show and Henry would be a good way to start his first real feud(s) and also continue his dominant run.
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  9. Raw doesn't deserve Samoa Joe
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  10. Finally! Someone who agrees Joey Headrocker should join Team Blue.
  11. No, Smackdown doesnt is just in dire need of stars
    We shall see next week
  12. I been said that Smackdown needs Joe....Too much going on over there on Raw already
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  13. I could see Goldberg being Braun Strowmans opponent next week on Raw.

    But tcould Goldberg pull off the jackhammer?
  14. Funny but it won't happen and if so he would probably just go for the spear
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  15. As much as I loathe the idea of him killing CWC guys, that's been such a strong fear in the fan community that they almost have to run with it. It'll get Strowman some killer heat if he beats up the likes of some of the unsigned dudes like Tony Nese or... especially... Kota Ibushi, then goes up against Ced or T.J. Perkins and we wait for the inevitable before Strowman.............. loses. :emoji_slight_smile:

    As for Samoa Joe randomly popping up to kill Strowman - don't build it up, make that star in one night - that sounds like a blast!!! :yay: Love the idea, especially if Nakamura winds up on SD anyway
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  16. No but I think Vince does, I said "sadly this might happen"
  17. Vince has serious issues sometimes............
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