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Carnage Carlson

The Artiste
So the title says it all but I'm going to verbalize my opinions on the matter. The Dragon Bruce Lee is regarded by many as one of the greatest traditional martial artists of all time. Aside from that he also developed his own martial arts style saying that traditional Martial arts wasted time with boring non-sense such as kata and board breaking. Thus, Jeet-Kune-Do the art of intercepting fists was born, the premise was simple combine the several martial arts that Bruce Lee had mastered keep the practical stuff throw away the useless shit put an emphasis on sparring and that's that. However, this was in the '60s and the landscape of martial arts and MMA has evolved and continues to evolve drastically.

So with that small back story out of the way how would Bruce Lee fair in the UFC if he was at his prime? Well, to fully answer that question I believe we need to first decide what weight class he would fight in. Bruce Lee was reportedly 5'7 and weighed between 135-145 LBS also due to the weight cutting culture in combat sports I believe Bruce Lee would cut to the flyweight division of 125Lbs. In this weight division, the most difficult fighters would be Brandon Moreno, Joseph Benavidez, and Deiveson Figueiredo. Also the possibility of the return of the champion with most consecutive title defense wins in not just flyweight but the UFC as a whole with Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson. There's also the possibility of my personal current rank 1 P4P fighter (Jon Jones is a dirty cheating bitch fight me you fucking casual) Henry Cejudo who could cut back down to 125 to take on Bruce. There's also the possibility of Connor McGregor a man who prides himself on taking the biggest money fights possible may talk Bruce Lee to meeting up at 145 for possibly the biggest money fight in MMA history. Honestly, the list of opponents for Bruce Lee would be nearly endless.

Now we're going to judge Bruce Lee's fighting style. Bruce Lee had a defensive fighting style as it clearly states in the name of his self-made discipline "intercepting fists". His fighting style put a great deal on using his blinding fast back fist jabs, sidekicks and oblique kicks (before they were cool) paired with his high mobility and hit and run style to keep enemies at a distance. Furthermore, enemies who were able to close the distance now had to deal with an impeccable block, and parry counter strike game. However, due to Bruce's fighting style, he had a tendency to fight backward and was in a constant state of retreat. Due to this, Lee would suffer dramatic losses in power and his knock out potential would be extremely limited if not nonexistent. Furthermore, Bruce Lee had 0 ground game and 0 takedown defense. All these things considered Bruce Lee would have an extremely difficult time in MMA if he forced the fight into his narrow game window he might have minor success and possibly win due to points but someone with one punch knockout power such as Conor Mcgregor or someone with world-class Grappling as Henry Cejudo would likely rip Lee apart. To give credit where it is due I think Bruce Lee would find minor success and be in the top 15 possibly even top 10 of his division but I don't think he would go much further than that.

Conclusion Bruce Lee would get killed
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The Showoff
This fantasy question gets asked a lot in MMA circles. How would Bruce Lee fare in the UFC? It's easy for Bruce to look invincible in his movies as he rarely gave his enemies any offense whatsoever. The only time he allowed his opponent got his shots in was his fight scene with Chuck Norris in The Way of the Dragon. There's a big difference between a movie where the fight scenes are completely scripted to a real life MMA fight. From watching Bruce Lee, he has fast hands, is a good striker, is strong, but doesn't seem to have much knowledge of grappling or submissions.

I can see him being an above .500 fighter but not winning against the upper echelon fighters. I just don't see Jeet Kun Do faring well against Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
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