Would Diaz vs Diaz be the biggest UFC fight ever?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, May 9, 2012.

  1. Simple. Would it?

    I know it'll never happen, but imagine how well that'd draw.
  2. Biggest as in most hyped or most PPV buys? As of now Mir/Brock II has the most buys, but that was a pretty stacked card that also had GSP on it who is one of the biggest draws in history.

    It depends on how it happened. If there was a big falling out and they like hated each other, it would definitely be up there for most hyped fights ever, especially considering how unique their style is, seeing them go against each other would be nuts. Nick would mess up Nate though being the naturally bigger guy with Nate being more of a 155'r + I think Nate would already be beaten mentally because he's always looked up to Nick and views him as the biggest badass around. I do think Nate has a chance to be better at LW than Nick is at WW though.
  3. I'm not sure on how much the Diaz' draw so that's why I asked. What if they were just put up against each other without no hate? Also, would it out draw Nick vs GSP? I'm not sure why UFC didn't give Nick the shot knowing it'd draw its tits off.
  4. They did give Nick a title shot @ 137 when he was first returning to the UFC but he got it taken away because he missed a couple of press events and pissed Dana off. Nick vs GSP would be a big, big event, especially after it was on and then we got it taken away. It's why most everyone wanted Nick to beat Condit, but Condit ruined it with his pussy ass Greg Jackson camp point fighting and the retarded judges rewarding him for it.

    If Saturday's card was any indication, Nate isn't much of a draw at all judging by the ratings. He is popular with hardcore fans, but pretty much unknown to most casuals. Nick must be somewhat of a draw because he made 200k for the Condit fight and the card sold 400k PPVs with him in the ME.
  5. Yeah I found that out earlier when video watching. Stupid how Dana can just do that.

    Nate imo will become a big draw, I hope so anyway.
  6. Just another reason I hate Dana. He constantly feels the need to flex his nuts for no reason and in doing so he robbed the fans of a great title fight.

    The other day he made a comment that he felt "MMA & Soccer were neck & neck in global popularity" --


    oh and as far as Nate becoming a draw-- it could happen. I think the LW division in general is becoming a draw because there is a lot of depth and tons of really good fighters. A title fight between he and Benson Henderson could sell PPVs
  7. Wait, is he serious? The CL final will be watched in over 600 million homes. If it were Barca vs Real, it'd be watched in about 700 million+. Man United vs Man City last week or so hit over 500 million views. Soccer is billions of miles ahead of MMA atm.
  8. Don't tell me, I'm not the idiot. I understand that soccer is miles ahead of any other sport globally.. I don't even know what #2 would be honestly, but it's a distant 2nd.


    Dana always goes out of his way to bash soccer, talking about how little skill it takes and how 3 year olds can do it. He is the epitome of an ignorant loud mouthed piece of shit tool.
  9. That bugs me, I thought Dana was a cool guy -.-. It's fucking hard being a professional footballer (skill wise, not lifestyle). Fuck dana. I'd love to see him try and get a touch of the ball with Messi or Ronaldo with him.

    UFC will never, ever, be near football. Hell, is it even near the closest rivals to football, which I presume is NFL or NBA or?

    Edit: Not NFL.
  10. The NFL is head and shoulders the king of sports in the US. If you took MMA and compared it to American football globally it might be close, because obviously American football is barely followed outside of North America. I know the NBA is pretty popular globally, outside of the US they have a huge fanbase in China/Asia.

    google told me that Cricket is the 2nd biggest sport in the world, which is just sad and pathetic. Other countries need to step up their sports ffs
  11. Not sure why but I lol'd hard.

    I find it hard to believe cricket is though? It's only popular in some European countries and sub-continent countries like India, Pakistan, Zimbabwe etc. Club cricket (equivalent to like Manchester United [that's club football]) isn't even televised. It's only international cricket.

    If I had to guess at a 2nd sport, it could be a NBA, Tennis, Golf. Not sure. Rugby is massive in world cup season but meh. Makes you realise how dominant football really is...
  12. My guess was boxing honestly.

    The second most popular sport in the world is also a team sport. Cricket's number two spot in terms of number of fans is thanks largely due to its popularity in the Indian sub-continent. It is popular in Asia, Australia, England and few selected countries, but is slowly expanding its reach to other countries. Cricket is a rather interesting sport with many formats - from test matches which last for 5 days to the more recent 20-20 format which has a duration of about 3 hours. The original format of the game (5 days) and the somewhat involved rules and skills required meant that Cricket was popular among a few selected countries to begin with. However, the introduction of the 20-20 format has resulted in many more countries participating in the sport at an international level.

    Multiple sources say it's cricket, and field hockey seems to be #3. I always thought field hockey and lacrosse were the same thing, but apparently they are not.
  13. Nah they're different, I'm dead shocked hockey is 3rd though. Really shocked. It's not televised here at all, apart from the Olympics.
  14. Field hockey*

    Regular hockey might make a bit of sense.. it's pretty big in a lot of European countries and fairly big in North America

    I'm fairly certain that those lists are taking into account how much shit is played, or else Cricket & field hockey wouldn't be anywhere near the top.

    A list of just the most watched sports would be a lot more interesting IMO
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