Would it be a good idea to recycle the "Right to censor" gimmick

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. With the many fans showing dismay at the PG style of product would this work out well? You could even play it into the AW firing if you wish, saying they ordered it due to the offensive nature of his comment. Note I'm not saying to copy the Right To Censor group, just the principle.

    If so who would you have in it?
  2. I think it would, remember how much heat they get. Plus when people see other people spreading their beliefs of something and having it shoved in their faces, they get angry so Right to Censor was a great gimmick. I would change the name though to try and start out fresh, maybe PG Associates. The members I would choose, it would start out as Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes. Then start brainwashing people, I'd start by changing Brodus Clay, then go after a Diva like maybe Katelyn, or just bring back Beth and Natalya with their Sisters of Destruction thing, and basically just work off of that.
  3. I hope so. I think its a wonderful idea to try if you're trying to be booed. If John did turn bad, I'd be okay if he did something like this.
  4. "I used to be a bad mamba jamba white bred rapper!"

    "I blame all of you... The WWE universe, for making me what I am. A hated 4 move wonder."

    "I never wanted to be a role model for those snot nosed brats, so I went after their idol, the undertaker"

    "So, all you kids that made Super Cena.... Fear me, for I take your Super Cena.... And end the streak at wrestlemania!"
  5. I think it was perfect for the AE, but what would they be censoring in 2012? Nobody has an edgy gimmick for them to play off of
  6. D'Z is right, they first need to create someone edgy for them to play off of.
  7. Curt Hawkins and Tyler reks's stripper gimmick, Mark Henry's theme for the use of ass to much, covering up the divas, Sheamus and other people stealing people's cars, and Tensai beating up Sokomoto. Really all I can think of right now
  8. Khali for still being employed
  9. I was pondering along the same lines as the bolded part. Tensai beating up his help is rude, but that's to be expected.

    They can maybe stop Kelly from doing her stinkface, but I'm sure WWE doesn't want to give the Diva's that much TV without McCool or Kelly every week
  10. The gimmick was great back in the day but what they gonna censor nowadays as there isn't much thats out there at the min in the PG era!
  11. I agree pointless bringing back a gimmick when theirs really nothing to censor.
  12. I like the idea but it wouldn't work today, as there aren't any edgy characters that they'd feud with, it'd be sort of pointless. What whould they censor? Everything's censored already anyway. :haha:
  13. Everything is censored already so that's kind of the point, you have a large fan base disgruntled with the current child friendly direction, no? Why not give that a face?
  14. :haha::haha::haha::haha::haha::haha::haha::haha::haha::haha::haha::haha::haha::haha::haha::haha::haha::dawg::dawg::dawg::dawg::dawg::dawg::dawg::dawg: They don't have to, she fucks it up herself, RTC might actually teach her to do it right before they stop her.
  15. Oh god no. I hated RTC.
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