Would it be better for DZ to lose the case

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  1. And regain it later, for example if the Jericho feud last for 5 PPVs have DZ win at SS, A triple threat at NOC were the champ wins, Jericho wins at TLC with the case on the line in a great ladder match, Dolph drops Vickie post match as she cost him after a botched interference have him force Dolph to put it up after Jericho gloats about beating him. Jericho attempts to cash in on a heel but DZ always interrupts forcing Jericho to put it back up at the Rumble, where Dolphin regains it. Dolph brags about beating Chris leading to a last match at EC which Dolph wins after a bloody battle. DZ then cashes in at WM on some face, he shows on the grandest stage of all.

    I'm unsure on precise details but it could add depth to him IMO.
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  2. Good idea, I think Jericho is leaving though :emoji_slight_frown:
  3. Maybe, just has to be the right WHC he cashes it on.
  4. This sounds good but jericho goes byebye soon
  5. I see the down sides of this as it's illogical and just unrealistic. We're meant to believe he's the lowest of the low heel, the show off, the guy who thinks he's amazing but has to cheat to win. Why would he put it up? However, 5 straight awesome matches feuding with someone who brings the best out of everyone = fappable content.
  6. Dolph has a huge ego right? That's what all the showoff principle is about, correct? Have him lose to Jericho at SVS and let Jericho gloat about it none stop for 2 weeks, saying the old man who lost his touch according to Dolph managed to pin him 1,2,3, Dolph begs Jericho for another match to show he can beat him again. The third week he begins again, Dolph interrupts leading to a heated confrontation where Jericho explains he has to put up the case to get him back in the ring, Dolph is that aggravated he'll do it. This adds a bit more depth to Dolph's egotistical side and show he has a bit of a temper, which links onto the next part.

    Jericho would re-offer it up as a stipulation after the constant attacks on him by Dolph the previous weeks whilst trying to cash in, even give Jericho something to "win" such as Dolph won't be allowed within 50 feet of his cash in, that gives them both a motive going into the RR. Dolph wins attacks Jericho post match with the case.

    Chris isn't at Raw next week, arrogant Dolph is back he goes to cash in after a WHC match is held in the mainevent of Smackdown, Chris runs out and codebreakers him before he can do it. This is the motive going into the final match, have Jericho explain it's beyond briefcases, beyond titles how it's become personal between the two. The match at EC goes to a no contest after both men destroy each other, then they go into WM in the feud ender in which Dolph wins, cashing in successfully later on in the night.

    This adds :
    Character depth to Dolph
    Allows Jericho to be the sympathetic yet arrogant face
    Gives Dolph 6 PPV matches which would be the semi main event and has a story with a meaning to it
    Dolph would be given time to cut promos on Raw and possibly SD.
    Adds a bit more individuality to the cash in, has anyone lost and regained the case?
  7. It'd be entertaining and help Dolph a lot as you said, although I find the simple concept of putting the briefcase on the line stupid, but with DZ as a cocky heel I understand why he'd do it kayfabe wise. Too bad it's impossible since Jericho is leaving soon. :downer:
  8. It's WWE. It won't happen although it does sound nice. If they wanted to, they should've done Ziggler being the first one to fail his cash in then. I don't see having 2 fail cash ins this year. This wouldn't make the briefcase more prestigious.

    Sheamus had his title for a long gruesome months now. It's Ziggler's turn now.
  9. I rather him keep it maybe
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