Would it be too late for a Vince McMahon heel run?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. I think it could be used to make a new star personally, but is it too late?
  2. I think he's past another heel run. He's gone from arguably the most hated villain wrestling history to a loveable grandfather figure now and is in the same bracket as guys like Flair and HBK now.

    An evil authority figure is a great way to build a new star tho, I just feel like they need to look for someone other than Vince (Hunter, Steph. What are you doing right now?)
  3. I believe Vince is a good enough heel that if he really wanted to, he could still make it work but from all I've read, he doesn't want to anymore. In fact, I'm pretty sure he was sick of the heel run way before it ended. I don't want him to either, I'm sick of the evil GM/authority figure angles, it's been done to death and I want a much longer break before they ever return to it.
  4. If Vince wants to then I'm definitely for it. But if he doesn't, there's one pretty obvious alternative :pity2: :bury:
  5. Yes, you want a heel authority figure just bring back Laurinaitis, man I loved to hate him.
  6. I just loved him. People power!
  7. It's not to late, he can also retire as a heel, should be great
  8. Well, I think he could do it if he wanted to but I don't really think he does. There's always other possible candidates for that role though, no harm.
  9. it could work with the right story and opponant but would rather someone stepped in the heel role like hhh
  10. I dunno. He might die soon and with this audience, they might get happy.
  11. He already gave Tripple H the main reins. Aside from some appearances, he's done.
  12. I don't mind him as either heel or face (he was heelish during the MITB 2011 angle, though people still gave him sympathy when Triple H told him he was relived of duty), but I think a huge run in an on-screen storyline that stretches over months or whatever has already run it's course as it relates to Vince. I don't even want to think about Steph on TV, with her terrible acting most of the time.

    I don't care to see Vince on TV at all unless it's in small doses like he does nowadays. Yeah, he was at one time one of the most hated ever, but you could argue even then that he didn't 'create a new star.' Austin was already mega popular, plus Vince was a heat magnet because of what he did to Bret Hart in real life (which was well publicized) and the novelty of seeing Vince McMahon as a heel character on-screen. It wouldn't have the same effect on business nowadays like it did with Austin.
  13. most likely, but he is game for it. I am. As he is my second favorite heel ever.
  14. I say make a feud between HHH and Vince instead, a huge feud to to turn HHH heel and give him control of the company.
  15. WTF HE BEEN HEEL!? If Vince wanted to be heel he will do it like that! But it up to him since he is the boss!
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