Ring of Honor Would it be worth ROH going for another company invasion angle?

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by seabs, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. I know they had that thing with Steen and Kingston but a full out war similar to the one with CZW back in the day would make compelling viewing IMO.

    They missed a dream opportunity at some point during Steen's third PWG title reign IMO, especially since he held the both titles at this point. It could have increased the tension between Steen and Cornette (Jim is going to annoy the fuck out of me anyway so we may aswell have him do it intentionally) plus many talents work between the two so you could have many struggling to decide which to side for, this would end with an all out brawl at a ROH / PWG Supercard. Of course Super Dragon would be involved during this final event as one of the original 6, possibly Joey Ryan as TNA seem to hate using him also.

    I haven't really considering how to book it beyond the end, a 3 on 3 guerilla warfare match up between Team ROH (Generico and The Young Bucks - odd choice on the last one but I'd play them as too egotistical to stick with the smaller PWG so go to ROH) vs Team PWG (Steen, Super Dragon and Adam Cole)

    Team PWG would go over after a botched interference from Cornette, although there would be tension for Steen and Cole. Leading to their feud with Steen playing more of a face role vs heel Adam.

    It's far from perfect admittedly but I'd really have liked this to go down, does anyone else like the angle concept and if so how would you book it? What companies would you involve?
  2. PWG will never do the angle with another company, so write that off. Why? Because Super Dragon runs PWG and wants no business with anyone because he's (almost) always very profitable with the way PWG shows are booked and performed. PWG is the bes company atm, and Dragon won't touch it.

    However, DGUSA? That's a long shot too, but it might happen.

    CHIKARA? No, Mike Quackenbush is a goddamn boss, he won't let ROH runing rough shot on his wrestlers.
  3. I actually would see PWG doing a cross promotional angle tbh, most of the guys who feature on their shows held some affiliation to ROH, to play a major part plus they wouldn't be required to move out of Reseda as they'd host the Supercards still ( ROH would probably be able to support this also due to their higher finances also all that it'd be would the ROH talent who appear on PWG shows regularly continuing to show upon on ROH whilst gaining PWG a bit more interest as they're representing them, I'm not sure what Dragon would care about this actually, he's pretty well set financially already I believe and never seemed to desire large amounts of income) The PWG was mainly fantasy on my behalf admittedly but what's the downside? They run their shows as normal but get a bit more interest in their brand and potential financial support from ROH who after the Sinclair deal have more resources. Plus a big feud like this could reignite some interest in the indie scene which seemed to be missing currently.

    Chikara did do the crossover between Steen and Kingston though, the match was decent as well so i could see it happening.
  4. I would like to see it too, no question, but it ain't happening. Dragon is a wierd guy/promoter, he doesn't take shit from anyone, all I can say about it lol.

    I know about Steen/Kingston, I even watched their match, it was fairly good. Their Chikara match too.
  5. Agreed on Dragon being slightly odd, guess being dropped on your head'll do that to ya lol.
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