Would it have been better?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Feb 25, 2012.

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  1. To use Masked Kane to feud with Randy Orton? Looking back on John Cena vs Kane it seems to have been a complete waste, it served its purpose to get John Cena ready and strong for Wrestlemania, but with such a big historic character like Masked Kane, he could of had a great feud with Orton.

    Orton is a better wrestler, he's in a position where he doesn't mind losing cleanly, I think it might of pushed Kane further as the masked returning monster, have him injure Orton for a month or so as he takes over SmackDown. Could have helped boost the SD show in general.
  2. Masked Kane running wild on SmackDown destroying people in the shadows. No one to stop him. Then he runs into Orton and the fued starts. Some epic battles could have happened. Would have been so much more important on SmackDown instead of just a side fued with Cena on Raw when Raw already had so much other stuff going on.
  3. Exactly, and it was a chance to revitalize Orton's psychotic character. Those two could of come to a head for Wrestlemania or something, could have been great.
  4. I'd rather Kane put someone over. Mask or not he's still a fat 40 year old with a crap wig. Seriously imagine if Wade had put him out leading to Kane going to the mask as an act of desperation, they feud for a few PPV's ending with Wade killing the monster to immense heat in a No DQ match at WM. Wade is helped to be made Kane does what he does best by putting over the next big heel and he gets his final big Mania moment.
  5. It's a shame that they miss out on so many simple things that could make the shows so much better.
  6. The feud probably would have been better, since Orton has more of a psychotic side to him (as opposed to John "rise above the hate" Cena.) But they needed to give Cena something to do to kill time till Wrestlemania, I guess. And this feud gave Kane a chance to be in the main event of a PPV again. I doubt he and Orton would have been the last match on the card of EC, not that that means much anyway.

    I personally think putting the mask back on was silly, but that's just me.
  7. This would have been a win-win for everybody. It also would have been classic pro wrestling booking.

  8. I doubt the 'E' would have re-debuted Kane's mask for Smackdown

    The OP was correct. Cena got a fire lit into him.

    Using Kane to draw more interest in the WM match was the right move.
  9. Instead of treating Kane like total shit, I expect a return to Smackdown STILL masked and a feud for the WHC. He should go on a rampage expressing his anger after losing to John Cena
  10. Kane wasn't treat like shit though. He spent most of the feud as the dominator. Why give him the belt also? He's had his sympathy run.
  11. Well, Randy is out so, I don't think that's possible.

  12. By shit I mean just using him for a filler feud. I mean come on I want to see more of Kane actually kicking the shit out of real superstars, not the likes of Zack Ryder.
  13. Thats almost as pathetic as Wade ending the streak suggestion. :upset:

    Yes, Kane heel will always entertain the crowd no matter how old he is.
  14. C'mon then JeebaK book it :russo:
  15. dont need to, vince is already doing it. :sigh:
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