Would Matt Morgan Go Back To WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Testify, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. Interesting. Discuss.:ace:
  2. I wouldn't mind if he returned. I think he can feud a number of people if he returns as a face and obviously goes to SmackDown so he can have more time to elevate, build of his character and have more time to have decent feuds.
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  3. I'd love him to be apart of the WWE to be honest, he's massive, good shape, not too bad in the ring and can talk.
  4. Him feuding the likes of Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Drew and so forth just to name a few. I personally want him back in the WWE, he could have some great matches in SmackDown and have some awesome feuds.
  5. TNA Star Contract Ending, Heading for WWE Soon?

    He and Brock Lesnar had a little history long time ago. #TeamLesnar
  6. TNA Star Contract Ending, Heading for WWE Soon?

    good riddance

    he doesnt fit in TNA and is boring as fuck to me
  7. TNA Star Contract Ending, Heading for WWE Soon?

    Already been posted here mate.
  8. TNA Star Contract Ending, Heading for WWE Soon?

    Nice guy, sry 2 hear about his dad, tho
  9. RE: TNA Star Contract Ending, Heading for WWE Soon?

    Didn't notice it. :sad:

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  10. TNA has dropped the ball so fucking bad with this guy. Great size, look, pretty damn agile, can talk, seems to be fairly over.. how on earth has he never had the TNA World Title? Inexcusable.

    I'm not a huge fan of his, and don't really have a preference on if he stays in TNA or jumps ship to WWE, I just hope whatever he does he is better utilized in the future. Dude is only 35 years old, so he has probably 5 more years of his wrestling prime, let's hope it's not wasted
  11. I don't think he'll be wasted. I just hope he comes to the WWE and WWE offer him a place, I mean he'd fit right in the SmackDown roster.
  12. I recall him having a stutter in WWE as did Bully/Bubba and he (Bully/Bubba) found his place in TNA. Matt seems really excited when he speaks and should tone it a bit. There's a time 2 get aggressive, not just all the time. Just my observation of him, I suppose
  13. God no, he'd squash jobbers for a bit as a monster heel then end up losing to Cena or Punk and come crashing down. He should get a big push in TNA instead tbh, then again he should have held the belt after AJ imo.
  14. Morgan isn't going to get a push in TNA. He's jobbing to Crimson tomorrow, and probably will be forgotten after the match.
  15. I never said he would rather he should.
  16. Obviously I agree, but it's not going to happen for whatever reason.

    He will probably be fed to Garrett Bischoff next or some shit
  17. Actually cringed at that prospect, seriously.
  18. No offence, but why get an 'older' wrestler insted of a younger powerhouse/beast like Rob Terry?
  19. Matt Morgan >>> Rob Terry. Terry may have a better presence sometimes, but Morgan is champioship material when heel. Otherwise, Terry can kiss Devon's ass.
  20. Rob Terry is the worst worker known to man, he makes Garrett Bischoff look like Chris Benoit.
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