Would More Managers Help?

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  1. I was thinking about it and I remember back in the day they had so many managers. Would having more managers benefit Raw/Smackdown? I know they were mostly used for the wrestlers that didn't have good mic skills, but I am still seeing quite a few struggle with that today. Vickie is by far one of the best managers there ever was, she really knows how to piss people off. I think if they had a few more managers, some for faces some for heels, it may spice it up a bit and help out wrestlers at the same time.
  2. If they were used to help the wrestlers who can't talk, then sure.
  3. Paul Bearer need I say more.
  4. Also for Divas who can't wrestle, but have charisma and mic skills.
  5. Are you suggesting they use Divas as valets? That's a pretty good idea as well, if they're able to talk that is.
  6. That's exactly what I mean. At one point we had Sunny, Sable, Lita, and Trish as valets at the same time. Good for the guys they were with at the time, and a spring board for their careers.
  7. Indeed. The only valet we currently have is Rosa, and she's not good on the mic or anything.
  8. Vickie isn't one of the best ever but still I agree we need more managers, even for guys who can speak but need a bit if a freshen up.
  9. If they're used properly, then yes.
  10. Sure, all for it if its gonna help wrestlers be more over..
  11. That diva idea is a good one. Theres a good handful of them that have good mic skills but need to work on wrestling. They should pull in a few more that need help wrestling but have mic skills already, to use them as managers. The reason I said Vickie was one of the best because she genuinely makes me want to turn off the TV when she's on. lol
  12. Me too. Her ugly mug just makes me want to punch her so bad. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:

    But having more than one manager would seem like a good idea. I don't think too many of them would be a good thing. Maybe 2 or a little bit more who can feud with each other as well.
  13. Yes, managers are needed in WWE.
  14. I think if they can get the tag division going better, like how they use to have it, they can have quite a few managers without it being too much.
  15. It also helps when one manager has a stable of guys that can work together but don't need each other. Like the Heenan family, or all the guys Jimmy Hart managed.
  16. Re: RE: Would More Managers Help?

    The worst thing is they're sitting on the perfect set up.
  17. :mad: GOAT manager

    His facial expressions alone can put over a superstar.
  18. I was a kid when he was big and I nearly pee'd my pants laughing every time I heard him talk! :dawg:
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