Would the Rumble match close the show?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Nov 24, 2012.

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  1. With Rock returning at the Rumble and having his second singles match since returning, do you think that would be the main event? Or do you think the traditional Royal Rumble match will?
  2. Rock will main event.
  3. Rock/Punk has to finish the night off. Punk's long ass title reign ending along with Rock winning the strap for the first time in years in way more important than the Rumble.
  4. Disagree. RR imo needs to be the closing match.

    I'm still not a fan of Rock winning either. I wouldn't mark at all.
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  5. I agree with you completely Crayo. The Rumble should always close out the Rumble (I know it hasn't happened in every edition but whatever) and I particularly don't see why Rock should win the title and won't mark if he does.
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  6. i don't think that the Rock's match will end the show
  7. I agree as well The Rumble should end the show. Surely its the main event. Not The Rock v Punk. If The rumble is not the last match then we will know The Rock will win the WWE title
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  9. The rumble should always close the rumble.
  10. A match as big as Punk vs Rock for the WWE championship is way bigger than the Royal Rumble. At the moment, there is absolutely nothing that will take the main event slot away from the Rock. Plus, last year's Rumble was an absolute abomination. They barely have any of their stars entering it, with Sheamus most likely facing Ziggler for the WHC, leaving who? Cena (who may even be involved in the title match somehow), Ryback and Orton their only main stars? One more thing, if they do go through with Ryback winning the Rumble, are they really gonna have the night finish with him standing tall with a Rumble victory over Rocky standing tall with a WWE title victory? No chance.

    Oh and I'll still mark like hell, I don't exactly love him but it's still Rocky lol.
  11. I know that as far as star power goes Rock vs Punk is bigger than the Rumble, but it's the main characteristic of the PPV and therefore I think it should go last, plus I for one have more fun watching the Rumble than most matches. The main thing is, I understand why they'd do it, I just don't want to see it happen like that. :sad1:
  12. I agree that on any other occasion pretty much, the Rumble should close the night, but in this case it has to be Rocky/Punker IMO. If the Rumble is like last year then I'd rather Punk/Rock was last lol.
  13. I've been thinking that Rock/Punk would close the show ever since Rock announced he was coming back to fight at the Rumble for the WWE Title. No way will they put the Rumble (even if it is the gimmick of the PPV) over a Rock main event. It wouldn't be the first time that the Rumble hasn't main evented either, and a Rock main event is a lot more important than Bret-Taker in '96 and Angle/Henry and Edge/Cena in '06.
  14. The Rock vs Punk match should close. It'll either be casual valhalla with Rock coming back and winning the belt in 2012, or Punk's signature win which solidifies his long ass reign, neither of which should be followed unless it's a dirty finish.
  15. I think the Rumble match should close it. I suppose it would lose views though since I'm sure a lot of people are going to watch it for The Rock. So as a business move it would be smart to end with Rock/Punk, and I assume that's what they're going to do.
  16. But it's a PPV, it doesn't matter if people are watching or not, they already paid for it.
  17. :hmm: That is true, but also the poster is The Rock, so it's more hyped then the actual match already since it's been known for months.
  18. Yeah, I know Rock/Punk will close the show. I just don't want it to be like that since I'm more interested in the Rumble match :sad1:
  19. But why?! Don't you wanna see a part timer who has done nothing but fight one match at Wrestlemania and a tag team match someplace else get the WWE Championship? :yay:
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    Who am I kidding? :cornette: FUCK THIS COMPANY!
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