would they make cesaro to job to khali?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by HHHBestHeelEver, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. tonight at main event? for the US championship, I sure hope antonio wins over khali, i really dont understand why they´re trying to push khali, the guy is just size, he can barely walk now
  2. I think its just a way to show how strong Cesaro is by putting Khali in the neutralizer.
  3. Indian money, Khali is a big name over there.
  4. Nah, Khali's not winning, they're just putting him there so Cesaro can look badass as he beats a giant with the Neutralizer.
  5. Khali is there for monetary reasons he won't ever get a big push but they use him as a freak and it helps ppl get over.
  6. i almost feel sorry for the guy, over how they use him
  7. Don't he has no talent.
  8. Getting paid a great amount of money to take 1 or 2 bumps a match isn't so bad. At least he doesn't have to take any big risks in the ring. Plus he got to make out with a bunch of "ladies" during the Khali kiss cam angle. :smug:
  9. If I made as much money as Khali makes to do what he does inside a ring I'd be pretty happy. :dawg:
  10. Exactly this^

    I think they've been building Khali up recently with his wins, so he can seem unstoppable :AW:

    Then they put him against Cesaro and have Khali lose to make Cesaro look incredible. However it maybe possible that Khali will win, so that this can happen on Raw instead of Main Event.
  11. As we all saw your fears were unwarranted. It was simply done to put Cesaro over. Khali looks credible due to his size and is the only good giant Cesaro hasn't neutralized yet. HHH and Vince are high on Cesaro and want him to be a major heel for the future. This is some good build up for him.
  12. Khali should turn heel ...
  13. Crayo and I and some others believe that this might be Khali's final run with the company so they are simply using him to make some of that Indian money.
  14. Cesaro proves once again that he is awesome.

    The Neutralizer :shock:
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