Would WWE save Wade Barrett?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Mar 2, 2016.

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  1. The roster is already thin and who knows how it will be in a few months with who comes back and who gets injured. Barrett announced he isn't resigning and this is probably due to how he is treated, he is the fourth member of the LoN but he never appears on any specials with the other 3. If WWE wants to prevent the roster from losing even more depth they gotta use him more and convince him to resign.

    But what to do with Wade?
  2. Dude gets injured pretty commonly, so he isn't really reliable at the moment. If it was me personally, I would just have him part of the tag team division at this point. It would be hard to try and save someone who might just get hurt if I give them a good push.
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  3. He's injury-prone (then again, so is Randy Orton and he's a 12-time world champion... go figure) and they already stripped him of the best thing he's ever had when they took his Bad News gimmick away from him because they didn't like that it started getting him cheered (imagine that... WWE changing someone's gimmick because they get too over with it.) He's also been floundering around in the midcard for so long that he has very diminutive chances of ever breaking through the glass ceiling at this point.

    He's likely just gonna be used mostly as enhancement talent from here on out, especially if he's leaving soon.
  4. The roster isn't thin at all, it is just poorly booked. They have plenty of talent they can bump from NXT if they need to. Orton, Seth, Cesaro, Cena... They will all be back with in the next 4 or so months so keeping Wade is a non-issue. They ruined his character anyways with them bad news segments.
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  5. Those segments were some of the best things he ever did. How did it 'ruin' his character when he didn't even have much of a character prior to that?
  6. I am comparing it to when he was in Nexus. He was amazing and a lot of people loved him as that kind of heel. When they started the bad news thing, it was okay but like everything else... they kept it going for too long when they should have originally worked on him being a team leader, which to me, he did best.
  7. Like Neptune said, they have plenty of talent- they just can't seem to utilise them correctly. Which also contributes to the injuries of others, since the wrestlers that are all injured do many more events.
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  8. Wade Barrett is better off leaving at this point. Good talent, yes. Better off somewhere else, yes.
  9. Bad booking has been the main problem in WWE for years now and Wade Barrett is yet another victim in a long list of victims that has fallen foul to this. The reality of the WWE is that this will always be the case until Vince McMahon lets go of his company which is never going to happen. Somebody more in touch with the fans and the wrestling business needs to take over. They need a strong team to take over the creative side of the business. It's not just one man that needs to take over like HHH (who is totally overrated in the business) who some fans seem to think is the saviour.

    Wade is a great talent and I hope things turn around for him. LON is a step in the right direction.
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  10. I would actually love to see Daniel Bryan be part of creative some how for this reason. They need a wrestler who has no ties to Vince in on booking and story line building. Someone like him has more of a grasp on what fans like. I know it is not likely to happen but eh.
  11. Nah, they ain't doin' jack shit with Barrett.
  12. I remember during during a 5 year hiatus from watching WWE is would briefing watch it every now and then and one of the times I turned it on was right when the Nexus angle was starting and Wade Barret was like the main heel and I thought to myself "hey I bet that guy could be World Champion one day, he's got a good look and acts like a bad guy well". He kind of reminded me of Triple H honestly. But fast foward another contiuned 5 year hiatus and here Barret is as the King of jobbing. What a shame.
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  13. There is nothing he can do.

    Even if you build the guy up like a demolition machine, he isn't going anywhere. He's already been given the cold-shoulder from the main event. What's the point of building a guy up if the main event is a barrier that isn't opening. It's useless, and if you have no hope of a guy making big money, drawing crowds and winning titles - he shouldn't be featured.

    Give him his release or try something completely different in one last bid for a revival.
  14. I called it so many times and it never happened. I had an idea where he's mocked as nothing in the LoN and he feuds with whoever and RAMPAGES, and that pushes him to crazy brutality, but alas, its all a dream
  15. Wade Barrett doesn't seem like a psycho, imo. I think a cold and calculated director is what best suits him. Maybe he is tired of jobbing and attacks the LoN and starts up his own stable to attack anyone that's wronged him. This can even get his win back on John Cena.
  16. Yeah well it would make sense and I'm sure he is capable of doing well on the side of the business. But it would take multiple persons including him to make an impact and turn things around. They need guys like Bret Hart who have been around the business for years and have a wealth of experience. If you watch a lot of Bret's interviews (the rare ones he doesn't talk about the Montreal screw job) on YouTube etc he talks a huge amount of sense when it comes to what is wrong with the business and where things need to improve. I agree with pretty much everything he says. I just wish WWE wasn't such a control mad company ...
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