Elimination Chamber Would you be happy with Bryan winning the Chamber?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Snowman, Feb 14, 2014.

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  1. Simple "yes or no" question. If you imagine Bryan walking out of Elimination Chamber with the WWE Championship held high, would you be a happy camper? Or would it be too late?
  2. better than Orton. I'd prefer BORK LAZER PEW PEW PEW doe
  3. Hell yeah I would be!
  4. It seems like a sure thing that Orton will be retaining, but there's no way you can imagine them going through with this damn Orton title reign for that long! Come on! I can't think of an easier way to kill 'Mania interest lol

    And Shield, hell yeah! :win:
  5. Idk, I sort of like Orton/Batista at Mania because

    1.) Puts both boring fucks in one match and allows DB, Taker, Lesnar, ect to not be involved with the fuck boys
    2.) The crowd should absolutely Rick Barry that shit.
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  6. In a weird way, if you can guarantee a Bryan #1 Contendership at ER, I think they'd accept that ME since it would feel like the guy who's gonna pass the belt to Bryan later. Like your theory of throwing them both in one match so nobody can care about them while the crowd makes that match entertaining hahahahahaha. Am looking forward to that one as well.

    It's more the buildup though. Ugh, Orton.
  7. just look at it as dark comedy. its like torture. you want to be like WTF IS THIS SHIT but you just sit and take it. reminds me of watching the Raiders
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  8. Hell yeah.
  9. Nope. Too soon for him to get the belt, D Bry chasing the title is the real story not him winning it.
  10. I'm lost, who's Daniel Bryan?
    No but seriously of course I'd be happy, who's not a fan of the goatbeard? Would I also be excited if Cesaro won instead, yes!
  11. Yes I would be happy :>
  12. No.

    Bryan defending against Batista and probably Orton at Mania is an awful idea. He has bigger fish to fry, like Hunter or Taker at the show. It would be a shit start to his reign and it would be ended pretty quickly.
  13. Not sure would probably rather see him beat down HHH first at WM then go into the title picture as a legend.

    I know it wont happen.
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    Sounds more like classic slapstick comedy. Some dumbass (Vince) falls on their face and we all mock him for it.

    And also probably should have thought before posting this on this board. Of course we all (except Dolph's) want Bryan as champ any way we can get it. :lol1:
  15. exclude me from that "we all"
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  16. Done. :otunga:
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  17. No because he'd obviously just lose it to Batista in the three-way at Wrestlemania. And Bryan walking into Wrestlemania as champion and then LOSING it to Batista would only drive the fans crazier than they have been already. I mean, if turning Batista into a mega heel is their intention (which I imagine it isn't since we've just gone the past several months with a heel champion) then go for it, but otherwise, keep Bryan away from him and the title for the time being. Just program Bryan with Triple H since the conclusion of that story pretty much writes itself, and then have him chase the belt later (if there is a 'later' that is... I'm predicting that Cena will have the strap for at least 3-4 months before dropping it to Reigns at next year's WM, and I wouldn't put it past possibility that Brock is the one to defeat Batista for the strap later in the year... not really much time for Bryan to have a run with the gold anywhere in-between.)
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