Would you be interested in Sheamus if he was heel?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, May 30, 2013.

  1. This is presuming that most of you aren't interested in him now, and going by what I read here, that is most of us. If he were the one who turned heel and not Randy Orton, would it increase your interest?

    I'm not sure how many of you remember his original heel run however, as that was a couple of years ago now I think.
  2. Sadly not really. Once the luster wore off of 'hey look at this muscled up pale ginger with a goofy accent' he just doesn't bring much to the table for me. He would still just be like 'hey I'm Irish let's fight' and put on the same match he's been putting on for 3-4 years now. I don't think there is much WWE can do with him that will make me care about him again. And I did think he was cool in 2010-11 as a heel when I was first becoming familiar with him.
  3. At first yes, but in the long run, since they'd probably keep him with the same characteristics and book him badly not so much. Although it does give more room for improvement over his current character.
  4. Depends on what they do with him. A strongly-booked heel is far more compelling than a strongly-booked face, but I doubt they'll give us any real incentive to care about him.

    He'll probably go from "I'ma kick your arse fella *smiles*" to "*I'ma kick your arse *growl*". Whatever.
  5. :nope:

    Unless they come up with a more interesting character that I can't think of.
  6. Agree with you on that point and I am a Sheamus fan, his face character is slowly becoming annoying
  7. I would be a little more interested if they did turn him heel. Have him lose a match to say Orton clean and fair, the fans boo him he goes though and kicks Ortons teeth in. Next week Miz tries to get answers out of him and just stays silent and kicks his teeth in. Stay silent ass kicking going a little dirtier and burtal in matchs. Then after he's won he finally goes on a tirad about how the Fans turned their back on him. Much like they did with the Rock, that would be very interesting to me if I hadn't come up with the idea personally but yeah if I had no knowledge what was going on yeah sure why not.
  8. Nah, I hated Sheamus heel more than how he is now. I'm slowly, very slowly... beginning to tolerate him.
  9. Well, his career seems pretty stagnant right now since the general WWE crowd couldn't care less about him and giving him a strong 6-7 month world championship reign didn't exactly get him over the way they hoped it would. I don't think beating midcarders like Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes every week or constantly losing to The Shield every other week is doing him any favors either. Turning heel is generally what you do with baby faces who don't get much of a reaction (and vice versa, such as Tensai) and are going nowhere.

    They need to do something different with him because what they're doing right now isn't working.
  10. Nope, from memory he sucked as a heel too (then again, he was playing that chickenshit heel from memory [at least he was during his feud with Orton, which aside from that time he fought Ryder for the title, is all I remember from his reign . . . which isn't a good thing because that means he was forgettable just like his face character [which is what, an irish Cena?]). I don't think this is a case where changing alignments is going to change the quality of his mic skills, which aren't that good in my opinion (I don't really want to call them bad, seems harsher than it actual is). I've even seen promos from him when he was doing that O'Shaughnessy (no idea if that's correct but I'm in the ballpark) and aside from actually having a hint of character, I didn't really think they were any better than what he's been providing now.

    That said, he's still good in the ring and capable of having great matches so I don't have any problems with him specifically. Well, I do but not that problem. Like him yelling Fella before doing the Brogue Kick on several occasions, that's retarded. Uh, but what I was getting at was his booking hasn't really affected my opinion on him in anyway. I normally take those problems out with the bookers and of course now I don't even watch WWE unless it's PPV. Suffice to say, a heel change isn't going to get me interested in Sheamus when I think he's pretty bad at portraying a character of interest in general and especially not when I'm not even interested in the company as a whole.
  11. Exactly. They are going to keep him face because of what he does for PR work but people need to learn to kafabe, and those who dont need to accept him for his good qualities. The guy might be quick to fight but he gives a grip of cash to help. That could be pushed if he isnt going to turn, at least we could assume. I really dont care as Sandow and Rhodes are worthy of that spot, but wont get it becauase he is HHH's buddy and much larger in size. The issue with that is that most of the big guys are either old (kane)/beatup(khatli - he is shit also)/giant (giant) and are worthless.

    This needs to be the era of DB DZ and others who are capable, or fuck wwe. Did you see slammy?
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