Would you be okay with Orton cashing in on Bryan if...

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  1. ...Bryan won clean in a great match? Cena has 7 clean losses in the past 8 years, so for Bryan to add another notch in that loss column would do wonders for the guy, even if Orton swoops in.

    What are your thoughts, and do you think it's even possible?
  2. I don't think it is as likely as everyone else makes it out to be, but it wouldn't bother me one bit.
  3. I'd be OK with it, yes.
  4. I'll be fine with it assuming Bryan will get the title back by going over Orton at a later PPV. But if it starts some long Cena/Orton feud then count me in on the butthurt.
  5. Would annoy me.
  6. it'll be ok with me
  7. As long as Bryan gets the title back and isn't buried by Blandy Boreton, that'd be perfect. Blandy's heel turn would actually get him heat and Bryan gets even more over. If Bryan getting more over is possible. But yeah, Bryan does look so strong by pinning Cena clean that Orton cashing in won't affect him.
  8. It's really because of you that it crossed my mind. Thought "There's no way Bryan is winning clean, but also said there's no way this feud will happen...", then thought back to that thread when you called me out for saying how impossible this was...

    Optimism inspired by D'Z. What the hell is going on around here?

    Either way I agree with CFCrusader to an extent. That'll get Orton up to mega-heel status, not to mention the fans (Danielson) will by dying, just begging, foaming at the mouth for a legit Bryan title reign. Isn't that perfect? That'll get the fans more excited about the product than we've been in years. It's the perfect way to book Bryan as long as they don't drag it out too long.
  9. I think it would be pretty soon. Maybe Bryan wins and Orton tries to cash in, but Bryan stays in the ring in a "come to me, I'm not afraid, I know I can beat you even if I'm not fresh" pose and Orton will go to the back.
  10. It'd be awesome. It'd most likely make Orton turn heel and it'd set up a long Bryan vs Orton feud for the title where Bryan would probably eventually win. Bryan and Orton have always had some quality matches as well.
  11. I definitely disagree that cashing in on DB is going to get Orton a ton of heat with most crowds. I don't see it
  12. John Cena has taken a handful of clean losses, virtually all of them to baby faces (as you would expect) so I don't see why his loss to Bryan would be any different, if he loses at all. What kind of victory for Bryan are people expecting if not a clean one? Ryback interference? The idea some have that he might still turn heel?

    As far as Orton cashing in goes, that seems the obvious route to go and I think it's silly for anyone to hate on it since the thing it'll lead to is Bryan getting the belt back later on. I also wouldn't expect Orton to get a whole lot of heat from it. Fans love Orton so much that they would probably still cheer for him as loud as they do now. I'm also a bigger fan of Orton than Bryan anyhow, so I'd mark for the moment.
  13. I'd be okay with it, but I'm just wondering if he did turn heel, how would he cash it in?

  14. Instead of his music playing and him walking down to the ring as usual, I could see him coming from the crowd and RKOing Bryan out of nowhere just moments after Bryan wins the championship. That would certainly come off as heelish rather than the usual cash in since he wouldn't even be giving Bryan any time to prepare to wrestle another match. He could even pummel the tired and exhausted Bryan and beat him for much longer than he has to to get across the message that it's not just about winning the championship, but about humiliating Bryan. Maybe he could even have him pinned, only to lift up Bryan's shoulders before the third count, just to show everyone that he's having fun and that he's not finished with him yet. And then he finishes it off by punt kicking him into oblivion for the pin fall. (Or maybe he just lets Bryan slowly stumble to his feet on spaghetti legs and then RKOs him one final time for the victory, and then punt kicks him after the match.)

    At least if they want the audience to accept Orton as a heel through this cash in, that's the way to do it.
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  15. Perfect, exactly what I was thinking. :neveralone:
  17. I'll be fine with it, as long as Bryan gets a long title run later on.
  18. I'm fine with it. But if they did something totally retarded, like reignight the Orton/Cena Feud would be so stupid because we've all seen it, and we know exactly what would happen.
  19. First, I'm more on the side of Daniel Bryan not winning cleanly. As much as I would love for that to happen, I just know it won't, small packages don't count as clean wins in my book. Second, if that were to happen by some chance I wouldn't be as mad as if he won in an unclean way. Let's say if DB won using the steel turnbuckle, he doesn't go over Cena, but he does get the WWE Championship, at least until Orton cashes in. If that happens DB is practically left with nothing where on the other hand if he wins cleanly, at least he has the clean win under his belt, which at this point it seems more important to beat Cena cleanly than hold the WWE title. I just don't think the belt holds as much weight as it did in the past. I mean CM Punk hardly main evented PPVs when he had it and took second to Cena.

    So yeah in short, I would be okay with it because Bryan would be able to walk away with something even if he beat Cena cleanly, even if Orton cashes in
  20. Here is how I would book it if Orton cashes in. First we get Cena versus Bryan versus Orton at N.O.C for the WWE title. Then Orton wins, but he pins Cena. We get a Orton versus Bryan at Battleground where Bryan wins the title back. Bryan then beats Orton at Hell in a cell, and then Cena gets his one on one rematch with Bryan at Survivor Series, which Bryan wins. I know theirs a lot of flaws, but its my dream booking for a reason.
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