Would you bring back the Big Gold Belt?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Brad., Mar 13, 2014.

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  1. I mean to use it as a separate title again, of course.

    Personally, I would definitely do this. I think there's only a handful of guys WWE are willing to put the unified championship on, like (Cena, Orton, Bryan, Lesnar, Batista, etc). At the moment, the WHC title picture could include Wyatt, Cesaro, Rhodes, Ziggler, Ambrose, Reigns, Henry, who are all guys that aren't going to get near the unified belt without a huge, six-month long push. Bring it back, scrap the US title if you only want 3.
  2. I think having all four is fine as long as they give them each a certain level of importance.. If the any Champ wants to upgrade, he should leave the title he currently holds vacant. IMO
  3. No, because if the World Heavyweight Championship were still around, I'd want it to be seen as an equal to the WWE Championship. That means having the strap defended in headline matches on completely separate shows and completely separate PPVs, and that wouldn't happen right now because the brand extension is dead and I personally don't want to see it revived, at least for a long time. I'm more for them reverting back to the good old days of having only one premier champion on the show. Sure, not as many people will get a run with the title when there's only one top belt to pass around, but I don't get this mentality that everyone should get a 'turn' with the belt eventually. Not everyone, even if they're worthy enough, is gonna get to be crowned a 'world' champion. Tough shit for them.

    Anyone who knows about the history of the Intercontinental Championship knows how much credibility that title used to carry back in it's heyday. I'm more for restoring that championship back to it's former glory rather than bringing the WHC back.
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  4. No. You're looking through rose-colored glasses. We all have this magical idea that the WHC would just boost someone's career...well...like whom, exactly?
    Why we do we have a 'yes movement'? Daniel Bryan is still looking for that big win, when in fact he's already had a 105 day reign with the WHC. I guess it didn't matter then, eh?
    CM Punk was a 3-time WHC before the pipebomb in Las Vegas. I guess it didn't matter then, eh?
    Edge isn't a 'legend' (and I use the term loosely) because he won the WHC 7 times, he's a legend because he's a 4 time WWE champ.
    The WHC put nobody over and nobody is a legend simply because they've worn THAT title... the only argument made could be Benoit or maybe Booker T (who were both WCW champions, which does have meaning

    The belt is meaningless. It's a booby prize. Anybody whose anybody has to win the company's top prize. Case in point: Miz >>> Khali, Ziggler and any other non-WWE title winner. The truth hurts... sorry, bout yo da**n luck
  5. It's useful in terms of jumpstarting or rebooting someone's career. Look at when Rey won the belt at WM 22, it was a big turning point in his career, being the smallest world champion and still holding that record to date. Although he would lose the title in later months, just the fact that he won and held it for a while means something, especially considering how his WWE title run means nothing. Although his tag career has much more to it than his singles career in terms of belts, his WHC win was undoubtedly a huge boost.
  6. I fail to see how it boosted Rey's career honestly. His reigns were an embarrassment and shouldn't have happened at all
    And for those of you who say the 'yes' chants came off the heels of Bryan's first championship, let me also point out that the 'yes' chants were created for roughly the same reason as Vickie's 'Excuse me.'
    They were scared he wouldn't get over as a main face, so they gave him a 'heel' catch phrase that worked wonders for a fat 40 year old widow who was a charisma vacuum
  7. This is what I said month why the title should not be as one! and everyone I said wrong! I even video on it u all piss on me that I dumb for saying! and now month later ur agree what I said before it even have been!
  8. I see your point on the DB part, but Rey's first reign as WHC was decent IMO. Made sense back then to have a smaller guy break the odds and win the belt.
  9. Chair shots to the head and blood. :kiss:
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  10. Lemme' quote Jwab real quick:

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  11. No. Not everybody will get a world title reign, but that's what makes it even more special to hold the title. And they can focus on making the Intercontinental title better too. Mr. Perfect, Owen Hart, Jake the Snake and many other didn't get world title reigns, but they are still considered legends. It would be nice if the people that deserved it got a world title reign, but it's better if it's down to one title.
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  12. Nah, I think this way, if they book properly will make the IC or US more relevant, I'm hoping it's the IC. There used to be some EPIC matches between real legendary superstars for that belt and I would like to see those kind of days come again.
  13. I will always vote for a proper Smackdown brand sporting its own WHC. So sick of everyone being on every show. Waters shit down too much. Give me two separate rosters again plz thanks.
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  14. Does anyone know how the Smackdown ratings/house show attendance/the other crap WWE actually care about have been affected by there not being separate brands?

    Understood it back then since there was barely enough talent for both shows, but now there's too much talent for 1. We need to see Roman chase after the WWE Title on Monday nights while Cesaro unleashes his inner Chuck Norris on Fridays. Just bringing back the WHC with no split won't help matters any.
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  15. I couldn't have said it any better than this.

    I would love to see a true roster split (as I believe I've posted elsewhere....) and separate world, secondary, and even tertiary titles. It could draw a ton of money.

    As for the contention that the WHC "means nothing" or "means little", it's not the title that makes the wrestler. It's the wrestler that makes the title. When it was HHH or Cena carrying the WHC, it felt like a big deal. When it was guys who weren't as big in the company at the time (Punk, Bryan, Edge, Chrstian) carrying the WHC, it wasn't as big a deal. But remember, there were Manias and other big PPV's where the main event was for the World Heavyweight Championship, not the WWE Championship.

    If, on the other hand, you're just talking about bringing back the "Big Gold Belt" design, that's my favorite world title look ever, so I'm all for it.

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