Would you create another PPV streak?

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  1. The Undertaker's WM streak seem to come about almost upon accident. He was booked to overcome his opponent each year until they realized the dude had never lost. Part of his success at WM seemed to stem from his popularity but also from the fact he wasn't in a huge angle each year. It wasn't obvious they were giving him the W until later.

    My question to you would be can WWE duplicate a streak at another PPV? Which superstar should it be?

    My first answer would be Bray Wyatt for Summerslam but if he's the #2 guy in the company it might seem too obvious that they're just handing him a W. It could be too predictable unless Daniel Bryan, Devitt or Dean Ambrose took the official #2 spot, which are all plausible.

    It can be any PPV with a superstar of your choosing.
  2. Maybe not a PPV one right now, unless it comes about by fluke.

    I would love a general one at some point! Kinda hoped Bo would have this one but he lost. But it'd be cool if someone had a debut and went on one for awhile via RAW, SD etc...
  3. A fluke sounds like the best methodology to employ.
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  4. Well, I really don't think they should try to go for a streak. If they stumble upon one such as they did with Taker and go with it as an angle, it'd be alright, but if they suddenly decided that Wyatt would never job at SS, you know, it kinda locks their booking, forces them to every year put Wyatt in a winning situation (and when it's not a big angle in itself such as the Streak came to be, it isn't very compelling), and thus it may keep him out of storylines that would be more suitable, I don't know. Just don't think it would work well (plus we'd have to hear Michael Cole make a big deal of how the guy is 1-0 or 2-0 at Summerslam or something, which wouldn't be annoying but funny that the guy is making a big deal out of a new streak).
  5. I agree with your rationale. WWE would have to avoid making it obvious. He couldn't exactly be involved in a huge angle at that particular PPV.
    Taker had the advantage of never being the main guy or even the #2 guy. With Wyatt it would be a matter of involving him in a smaller match so it isn't obvious that they are building a streak.
    Cole would have to avoid mentioning anything until it grew to something substantial or when Wyatt grew to the point where mentioning the streak wouldn't hurt his character.

    Wyatt and Taker are both similar in that they are both ego-centric; Neither superstar is particularly interested in changing who they are to suit the audience.
  6. I think a SummerSlam streak could be good for Daniel Bryan. He's already 3-0 at the event (he missed 2011)
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  7. Nice tidbit. It's a good thing he missed this year; He certainly would've jobbed to Lesnar for the title this year.
    Sticking Bryan in a tag match here and there with an occasional singles win and before you knew it, Bryan would have a streak going.
    I'm not sure how believable or how much mystique it would carry given his size, but the option is there.
  8. Haha, as was said before the best thing they can do is to accidentally stumble across one, to make it less obvious... like the Miz at Wrestlemania before this year.

    Another cool thing could be a losing streak at a PPV, especially Wrestlemania, where the guy gives it all he has for a few years but just can't quite get there. Like he has some stroke of bad luck and something goes wrong for him at the last moment, it would be cool to see an underdog story come out of that.

    Sadly the perfect guy to do this with is loving life in TNA. Jeff Hardy is 0-5 at both Wrestlemania and Summerslam.
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  9. Didn't he lose to Barrett in 2011?
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  10. Ironically enough he was written to win MITB at WM 24, but he found a way to dou*** that up.
    He was even protected at WM 23 with that wicked bump from atop the ladder onto Edge. Edge ended up walking into WM24 'undefeated' against Undertaker.
    Leave it to Jeff Hardy to allow his drug of choice to ruin the biggest moments of his life.
  11. He sure did, bro. Good call.
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  12. Oh yeah thought it was Darren Young. Whips.
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  13. Ryback 50-0 at the next 50 wrestlemanias :happy:
  14. Miz lost at WrestleMania 25
  15. 50 shades of Ryback? I'd be down for it
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  16. No. No I wouldn't.
  17. I would, but as mentioned, the streak should probably only exist if it was one that wasn't predestined from the start, pretty much for the reasons that Leo C touched upon.

    Up until 2012, John Cena had never been defeated at Survivor Series. And if he had won that year, 2014 would have marked the year that he hit the big 10-0. He had a pretty good string of victories, too - a sole survivor of three separate elimination matches (2003, 2004, 2006), defeated Kurt Angle in 2005, defeated Chris Jericho to win the WHC in 2008, defeated Triple H and Shawn Michaels in a triple-threat match in 2009, teamed with The Rock to defeat The Miz and R-Truth in 2011. It's a shame that the company didn't take notice as they could have kept it going longer and built it into something bigger. Oh well.

    If Brock Lesnar hadn't of lost to Kurt Angle in '03, he'd have an undefeated Summerslam record, too - The Rock in 2002, HHH in 2012, CM Punk in 2013, presumably Cena this year, etc. And hot damn, that'd be a hell of a record, made even more impressive by the fact that Brock took Taker's Wrestlemania streak away from him.

    As an alternate idea, I think having an undefeated record in a certain type of stipulation match would be great, too. HHH was 'undefeated' (you'll understand my use of the quotation marks if you've seen Armageddon 2000) in Hell In A Cell matches until Vengeance 2005, for example. I don't know if someone is already off to a good start in a stipulation match or not, but it's something to think about.
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  18. It would definitely be someone who could work a variety of matches and/or places on the card.
    Seth Rollins, for example, who isn't a main eventer yet could scoot by a win here and there at Summerslam.
    When he does main event, he won't be there month and month out the way John Cena is.
    The only problem is that once WWE brands it as a streak the superstar has to have the mystique to pull it out year in and year out even though the fans know he'll win.
    It would probably have to be a bigger guy than Rollins.
  19. I also think a match stipulation streak sounds better. Unlike a PPV event, a stipulation isn't something that comes by a certain time of the year and thus they would have to go out of their way to book the dude in storylines where he'd win, it's something that can be implemented in any feud he has at any time. Plus, it makes more sense, when you think about it. A guy being undefeated in a certain type of match can be explained by him being more skilled with, say, ladders if he were to be undefeated in ladder matches, instead of someone being undefeated at, say, Summerslam because... it's Summerslam (not that this would make any difference, just something that came to mind).
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  20. Has Cena lost a LMS match? Bryan should have been pushed as unbeaten in submission matches imo, it fits his moveset very well.
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