Would you even want The Shield to be aligned with Punk/Heyman?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. They are still rolling with the conspiracy that The Shield are ran by Punk/Heyman instead of being a group of outlaws, which direction would you want to see it taken? The positives of being aligned with those two is guaranteed main event spots, but I think the aura of the trio causing havoc is lost.

    What would you want to see?
  2. Not anymore I wouldn't. The Shield going solo basically means lots of Ambrose Mic time, and Heyman and Punk would undoubtedly take away some of that if not all. And as you say, the idea of the group being outlaws is great, with them entering the crowd and stuff like that.
  3. I agree, leave them as they are. They never mentioned that they were following orders, or are following someone else's ideals. So there is no reason to believe that there is someone behind them. Hopefully they keep it that way.
  4. No, they are better the way they are right now.
    As Albin said, it will take a lot from Ambrose mic time.
  5. I don't think it's a good idea they need to build the Shield as a group not some kind of mercenaries.
  6. Not really, no. The aura of a group of outlaws simply wreaking havoc around the WWE would be broken and it would take away from the fact that the group already has the perfect size, in other others, Punk/Heyman would outshine the current members, which wouldn't be a good thing.
  7. leave them alone
  8. I've always said they should stay on their own. Their gimmick (which is unique, and one I thought of on my own before they debuted, to be honest) would be ruined and they'd be reduced to just a generic group of guys carrying out orders for Heyman and Punk (yawn.) What would be their purpose of attacking guys like Orton or Miz or Brodus, guys having nothing to do with Punk or Heyman? Just to throw people off their scent?
  9. I think they should attack punk. What better way to send a message? Have punk claim to be behind it, and then have them destroy him.

    Picture it like this, have punk in the ring doing a promo, let the shield come from the audience like they are going to attack him, and as they have him surrounded, have punk laugh. Then talk about how he orchestrated the whole thing. Then, when everything seems like it sucks, have them attack him and deny that he had anything to do with them and state that they work for no one.

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  10. Re: RE: Would you even want The Shield to be aligned with Punk/Heyman?

    Seems too much like a face turn.
  11. Agreed. Makes Punk look sympathetic or it kills their heel heat. For now they can only attack faces.
  12. I never wanted them to be aligned with Heyman/Punk. Hell, one of my earliest posts on this site was stating how I had no enthusiasm for their debuts because it seemed they were obviously aligned with Heyman & Punk and that just meant they weren't going to get enough time to individualize themselves as they'd be sharing mic time with Heyman & Punk and thus will just be relegated to Punk's helper which wouldn't be beneficial for any of them down the line. Needless to say I've been very happy WWE isn't going this route, or at least doesn't seem too.
  13. There are pros and cons to either.

    I would like to agree with everyone else that it does seem better for them to work alone since they're pretty stable and brutal enough by themselves and don't really need to ride Punk and Heyman's coattails to try and stabilize their positions in WWE, but their idea of justice is lost on me. I understand they attack anyone or anything that they deem as "injustice" but it really just seems like random attacks on random Superstars.
  14. Yes, i'd love them to all be aligned. A faction of that magnitude could wreck havoc in the wwe for not only the immediate future but for a lengthy time. Of course that's just my opinion.
  15. Deathbane has a point, I think the Shield story should start progressing soon. For now it's still OK, but after a while it can get stale if they keep attacking superstars randomly (even though they're saying it's for justice, if the story doesn't progress it seems like a poor excuse for hundreds of random three on one attacks). But I'll have a little optimism and suppose they'll progress it soon.
  16. Doesn't matter to me.
  17. Yes, it should start progressing.....by revealing that HHH was the man behind all this.:bury:
  18. Progressing should be slow, it's better. We all know how rushed storylines end up... (Nexus, Summer of Punk).
  19. Yes, but they also shouldn't go extremely slowly with it, otherwise the storyline gets stale.
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