Would you get tired of a long Bryan reign?

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  1. At the moment he's loved by anyone and everyone (apart from a few), but how long can it last for if he remains at the top? Being the underdog and chasing the glory is something fans LOVE to get behind, but he now has the glory and is being booked like a fucking monster (has gone over Cena cleanly, HHH cleanly, and in the same night Orton and Batista [cleanly]), so will it get boring? Even the biggest of Bryan marks might get bored of that. To counter that, there has to be some character changes, or some very interesting and creative stories.

    I consider myself a very big Punk mark but I got extremely bored quite quickly while he was a face, and he has much more of the anti-authority attitude than Bryan has (ironically), so I could see myself getting bored pretty quickly. Or, perhaps, the sheer joy I have at the moment whenever a Bryan segment appears might sustain longer than I think - I truly do not know at the moment. What do you think? Will you get bored?
  2. It all depends on how it's booked. If the writing for his storyline stays as consistently strong as it has been recently, I won't get tired of it.

    If they start falling back on face cliches and force him into "safer" characterizations, it'll get boring.

  3. Nope, as long as they tweak his gimmick and it is booked well. After Extreme Rules (where the authority angle must surely end with Bryan beating HHH and The Shield beating Kane/Evolution), Bryan definitely needs fresh opponents. I'm thinking Cesaro (who will win MITB imo), Wyatt (although would be a rematch from this year), Sheamus (after a heel turn), Ziggler (after he is repackaged + pushed), etc. Obviously Bryan retains in each scenario, except a cash-in, as the only person who is taking his title permanently is Lesnar. It will be interesting to see if Bryan main-events the PPVs because Punk rarely did, and the battle for control between Vince and Hunter is likely to be the big summer angle.
  4. Depends really, he has been chasing that belt since Summer Slam, so ideally, I want to see him have some hard fought victories but I would like to see a change by Summer Slam at least, maximum Survivor Series. A major factor is the storyline he is in, for me the Authority storyline needs to die off soon with Bryan and he needs a new one, one that will push him as a champion
  5. The question is: Can you top a win over 3 members of Evolution in One Night...At Wrestlemania, in a major match with HHH, who is top heel in WWE, and then against The Champion and the Royal Rumble Winner, can WWE top that with Bryan? If not, it will get stale
  6. Hmmm, I must say that I do enjoy watching him in the ring. So much energy and enthusiasm. But I have started to notice it's the same ol shit everytime in the ring with him. Opponent on knees, kick combo. Opponent on the outside, dive on them. Opponent whips him to the corner, climb up it, backflip, duck a clothesline, hit a clothesline. I still see some fresh moves pnce and awhile, but he needs some more moves in his repertoire or he may end up getting old fast IMO. TBH at this point I'm more excited to see the fan's reactions to him then actually seeing him wrestle.
  7. I'm tired of his reign already.
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  8. It all comes down to booking. Bryan has acknowledged in interviews that he needs to change it up now that he is no longer chasing the belt and this is something he has done before. I've seen the man have long title reigns before and I know that he can pull it off. If he and the creative team work something out we'll be all okay.
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  9. I prefer heels as champions, as for the face it's all in the chase. Bryan didn't really do a good heel turn when he became a 'wyatt' it was just a matter of time before he was face again. So I'm thinking i'll be bored by the 2nd PPV. But I'm not what you call a Bryan fan anyways, I was rooting for HHH :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: For Bryan fans, if it keeps going like this i think about 2-3 PPV's max, and I think 3 is pushing it tbh. That being said, maybe the creative will come up with a good angle for him, besides the whole authority thing.
  10. They need to end the whole Bryan vs Authority thing and get him some new fresher opponents.
  11. :youdontsay:
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  12. just responding to the question asked man.
  13. Like Crayo didn't know how you felt about DB already mane. Come on.
  14. 2-3 shows is not that bad a reign in modern wrestling. That's 2-3 months worth of time to defend the belt and establish himself. I'd be perfectly fine with a 3 month Bryan reign and then moving him onto something else. I'd rather have a good chunk of 3 month Bryan reigns than 1 900 day reign.
  15. I don't really care about Crayo. I'm sure somone who was unaware on my stance is now informed. We do have tons of new members signing up.
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  16. :true:
  17. "A good chunk of 3 month Bryan reigns"

    good god man, he is technically a 3 time WWE champ already and a WHC. We going to have him break Cena's record or what?
  18. If I could pick: Yes.
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  19. jesus h christ
  20. :yes::otunga:
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