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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Trip in the Head, Apr 15, 2015.

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  1. Alright, I recently heard on the radio that this event from "Big Time Wrestling" will be occurring this Sunday in Winslow, ME (which is like a 15-20 min drive for me). Apparently Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, Scott Garland (2hotty - who is from Maine), and Tony Atlas will be there. And apparently it's wicked expensive to get any photos or signatures. At first that's what I wanted to do if I went, but I didn't know they'd be charging for that shit lol.

    What's your opinion guys?


    Prices and crap:
  2. Yea I would
  3. It would be cool to meet Hall and Nash, but not paying out the ass to do so, and having to sit through watching them wrestle in 2015 might make me hate wrestling forever.
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  4. Right, I'd rather just meet them and talk for a minute then watch them "in action". I'd make a torn quad joke to Nash lol. But its lIke $30 each just for a pic with them. Wtf? Guess they gotta make money somehow though
  5. Yea I mean I ain't mad that they want to charge, someone will pay 30 bucks for a pic, autograph and short chat, but not me. I've never paid for an autograph, every time I've gotten one it has been legit. Not that I've ever gotten a wrestlers autograph, but other various athletes.
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  6. Link doesn't work for me, what's the show price? There was a show here a week before Mania headlined by Nash. Was thinking of going, but was like, ehnn. $20 to see Nash wrestle? If I added 10 more bucks, I can get cheap seats at RAW, so said nah.
    Are these regular prices for pic's for these guys?
    I'm gonna go to House of Hardcore in July and planning to meet old ass stars. If HOH ever comes to your town, I'd go there. Cool ass roster.
  7. Also, they couldn't find a pic of the Bad Guy looking a little less fucked up? On second thought, probably couldn't.

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  8. WWE just uses early 2000's Hall. ^
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  9. And Flair. And Hogan. Only Nash is sexy enough to hold up against the test of time.
  10. I think their website is crap Punk lol. I'm having issues getting to the site through a Google search now. Hahahaha.
  11. I'd go if there was a Q&A or something. No way I'd pay that much for either of theirs autographs only.

    And the only two I'd still pay to see wrestler is Waltman and Hotty, since I know that they both can still go decently.
  12. Prices:

    Show Spoiler

    Golden Ringside $40.00
    Rows 1 or 2 Ringside

    Ringside $30.00
    Ringside Seating - Rows 3 and 4

    Floor $20.00
    Floor Seating - Rows 5 and Back

    General Admission $15.00


    Just Too Sweet Package! $100.00
    (1) Nash Autograph (1) Hall Autograph (1) Waltman (X-Pac) Autograph (1) Group Photo Opp with all three

    Kevin Nash Combo $30.00
    (1) Nash Autograph (1) Nash Photo Opp

    Scott Hall Combo $30.00
    (1) Hall Autograph (1) Hall Photo Opp

    Sean Waltman (X-Pac) Combo $30.00
    (1) Waltman Autograph (1) Waltman Photo Opp

    Scotty 2 Hotty Combo $20.00 ($21.69 w/service fee)
    (1) Scotty Autograph (1) Scotty Photo Opp

    EDIT: Not a big arena IIRC
  13. lol @ X-Pac shit costing as much as Hall and Nash shit. He needs to be in dat Scotty 2 Hotty price range
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  14. Also, seems to me like Nash should be above this shit. The rest of these guys it makes sense, but Nash is still doing pretty well for himself with things unless I am mistaken. Magic Mike don't pay the bills Tarzan?
  15. Good point. Maybe he's doing it "with his friends"? Just a guess
  16. Where's my homeboy Virgil?
  17. Nash is still doing it because it is easy money.

    He's nothing if not ambitious with his finances. This is an easy revenue stream for Big daddy cool
  18. Wonder how much he makes doe. Doesn't even seem worth his time
  19. Booking fee, share of the gate + merch sales I'd assume. Depending on how much he/his agent can get out of the promoter could be a fair deal.

    AJ Styles makes between 3000-5000 usd in booking fees for independent shows and Alberto is in the same range. So Nash should be at least in that area, and if there's some "Kliq pacakge price" that the three share it could still be a fair amount.
  20. Just Too Sweet Package! $100.00
    (1) Nash Autograph (1) Hall Autograph (1) Waltman (X-Pac) Autograph (1) Group Photo Opp with all three
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