Would you guys be interested if I were to do...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zach, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. A series on Youtube of all active WWE Wrestlers top moves? Maybe the top 5 or top 10?
    It kinda sounds like fun.
  2. I maybe could help you with this..
  3. I'd much prefer a podcast :emoji_slight_frown:
  4. Podcast, like a site one?
  5. Yeah, I'm wanting to do one eventually. But it's awkward.
  6. I think I talked about that with Stop somewhere in the Showoff section actually, I think it would be pretty cool to do. Would it be possible to do voice calls via skype and record them with Audacity or something similar? Then we could have member interviews or whatever.
  7. Yeah it's definitely possible to do it in Skype. It's just time constraints and planning. It's not really just talking about wtf has gone on, it needs a structure, a time limit, graphics for the video, etc. It's quite difficult but it's something I definitely WANT to do eventually.
  8. Ooohh I would do a site podcast. I'm half tempted to start a video war with Sandy first though.
  9. I my estimates, a good time limit would be between 30 minutes and an hour, giving us time to talk about WWE and TNA as well as do a member interview.
  10. Would fucking lovce a podcast as ppl could give reviews of RAW and site news etc and shit like that which would be handy for ppl like me who can't always be as active as I want but could catch up via the cast!
  11. @[Tyson Kidd]

    Would be awesome.
  12. I love the idea of a podcast so go ahead and do it. That was an order.
  13. I also like the podcast thing. I was thinking about doing one as well some time.
  14. You should, I am sure it is great fun to do and to listen to/watch.
  15. I'll give a try this weeked or next week then I guess.
  16. Look forward to this if you do boss! intrigued to hear ur accent as well!
  17. Do you mean you'll set it up? Cause I'm happy to if you don't!
  18. Well, I can handle basic video editing but my skills are limited in the area. But I'm not sure, if I were to do it I think I'd start it small, without many different stuff mostly me talking about recent happenings in WWE and possibly TNA as well.
  19. It would probably be easier to get a team, for example we have a video editor guy a host or hosts and a guest relations guy who choses who the guest will be each week. Just saves all the work going on one person.
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