Would you have CM Punk return as a face or heel?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. After his inevitable hiatus from WWE when he loses to Undertaker, would you have CM Punk return as a face, heel, or even a tweener? How would you book him and who against? When exactly would you want him to return? He could be a contender for the summer angle if he's off long enough.
  2. I'll see him coming back as a tweener. I'd like to see him against Cena and Rock for the WWE title at Extreme Rules. But in the end he'll still one of the best wrestlers WWE actually has, no doubt about that
  3. Keep him off for a while before having him as a dark tweener to beat the shield, something like he's the best in the world and he's tired of them stealing his spotlight.
  4. I'd prefer for him to be a heel. He just has a personality of the more heel variety. He would have been an awesome heel back in the days of Harley Race, Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Freddie Blassie, Ted Dibiase, etc. An era where people could become so hated, even to the point of receiving death threats and having fans jump the railing to go after said heel, just because people thought wrestling was real. Nowadays, Punk just gets cheered because he's too 'cool.' They know he's just playing a character when he insults the crowd. I can tell he could have got people so worked up back in those old days if he was around back then. Part of me thinks he was born in the wrong era.

    Anyhow, I'll be willing to forsake a Punk/Brock feud just so Punk could stay heel and team up with Brock, as the two would make an awesome duo. But a split centering around which one Heyman prefers (however that comes about) is almost inevitable.
  5. A heel, but without the Respect/BITW gimmick.
    By that, I mean don't bring it up occasionally, but at rare times. Like, once every 3 months.
  6. I'd like to see him come back as a Tweener, just be Anti-WWE as opposed to Anti-Fans.
  7. I'd let him come back as a anti rules guy.
    Like the voice of the voiceless , and then talk trash about cena,Vince and HHH .I can see him come for SSlam and face Lesnar . And then face cena during all autumn (HIAC,SS,TLC)
  8. Sorry to unleash my inner Shinobi and dodge your question, but I'd be okay if he returned either way, just as long as he didn't get stuck with a cookie cutter gimmick like he did throughout all of 2012.

    Guess they've gotta keep him heel since they've buried the rest of the heel roster.
  9. WOHOHO! Just thinking about that makes me hard!
    :pipebomb: all ova the place!
  10. Anyway, he should be heel since he's so great at it and help put new babyfaces over.
  11. I think he should just do him and have no set "heel" or "face" He should not allign with anyone and just be CM Punk. He can screw over heels and faces equally and be a great tweener.
  12. KL's idea of a feud with him vs Lesnar sounds good with him as a face but I'd prefer he returned as a heel. And with an interesting angle, please.
  13. Tweener Punk has always been the best, I don't want him to return as a Heel, I know he is at his best when he is a heel but I'm kinda tired of his heel character and a change must happen upon his return.
  14. I think Punk is a great, natural Heel. His character fits so nicely as a heel that I'd love to see him stay heel even past WM. I think he'll continue to have a chip on his shoulder until he gets another title shot.
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