would you have ended Goldberg's streak?

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  1. In the hypothetical scenario of you booking WCW. Would you have ended Goldberg's streak, or let it run until WCW ended? And if yes: How would you have gone about it?

  2. The streak had to end sometime or else people would have grown tired of it and started booing Goldberg eventually. As it was, chants of "Goldberg Sucks!" were already slowly creeping their way into arenas and Kevin Nash even got a huge pop when he won at Starrcade 1998. Granted, Nash was a huge fan favorite himself at the time, but still.

    I probably would have kept the streak going for longer than they did, but I had no problem with Nash being the one to end it because I'm in the minority in thinking the Fingerpoke Of Doom was a great storyline. The problem was, they dropped the ball with it. Instead of Goldberg running through the newly-reformed NWO and reclaiming his championship, they dropped the angle only one month after it began and decided that the wrestling world would rather see another feud between Hogan and Flair (with a preposterous double turn) while Goldberg was sent down the card to feud with Bam Bam Bigelow instead. The subsequent result was that Goldberg never won the strap again and barely even headlined any more PPVs after that.
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  3. Is that the feud that was messed up because Goldberg messed his hand up punching through a windscreen or was that later?
  4. I would've ended it. Goldberg needed to go down at some point....or else it would be too unbelievable and everyone would hate him....he needs to be vulnerable at times....to show strength.

    I would've done it similar to how they did it with Nash....I just think it should've taken more than what it did. and I prob would've had Hogan beat him.
  5. His character isn't a real character if his only gimmick is the streak. They had to end it to see if they could move on with Goldberg as a player. What was he gonna be 30000-0 who would have a vested interest in watching him at that point. It would be super Cena x 10000000. It had to end, I just think they should have used it to make a new star, but we all know WCW wasn't the best at doing that. They could have cemented a guy as a superstar in one night.
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  6. That's what Hogan and Nash claim. The truth is, Goldberg injured his hand punching out a limo almost twelve months later. By then, the reunited NWO had already disbanded again, Hogan had already turned back babyface and Hogan and Nash had already headlined a PPV against one another for real (at Road Wild 1999.) Goldberg was so "hurt" that he didn't even miss SuperBrawl in February lol.
  7. I agree with this sentiment.
    I would have ended, definitely. I hardly remember wrestling from 16 years ago because I'm sure I had for better things to be doing.
    Forgive me for my ignorance, but I believe some of the hotter hands at the time were Chris Jericho or Eddie Guerrero.
    Neither man was mega star material, but I struggle with any other young star who'd be ready at that point.

    Other names would have been Steiner (a personal favorite) or The Big Show. The ship on Wight had sailed but he had the talent, the youth and size the others lacked.
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  8. Steiner would have probably been the wisest choice if you wanted to use the end of the streak to propel a new star into the main event. DDP already had his shot, Eddie and Jericho wouldn't have been believable at the time, etc. Steiner had turned heel and become a singles competitor just ten months earlier. If Goldberg had went over Nash at Starrcade and then lost to Steiner at Superbrawl IX a couple of months later, it could have been big for Steiner's career. Fitting too, since Steiner turned on his brother at the same event just a year earlier, which could have given us a promo from Steiner (those are always great) where he says that all the people who criticized him for turning on his brother can now kiss his ass because look what it got him on year later - a world championship that he never would have won or even got the opportunity to win had he stuck by his brother in a tag team.
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  9. About :45 seconds in. See just how over Scott Steiner was in April of 1999

    Another gem from about 1:15 in from November of 2000 when WCW had sunk already
  10. I loved hearing him say in the second video how he gave Goldberg the worst defeat of his life and proved he was just a mere mortal. In relation to my last post, I'm envisioning that's the exact type of promo he would have cut if he had ended his streak.

    Shame Steiner only got a serious main event push when WCW was already half way into the grave. Also a shame that a foot injury probably single-handily cost him a serious main event push in the WWE as well. Jericho said in his second book that Vince and WWE officials were initially very high on Scott.
  11. Have Kevin Nash beat him in the same fashion as it happened except you throw out the Fingerpoke part and replace it with a Nash v Goldberg v Hall feud. Hogan shouldn't have returned until after the feud was over to fulfill the Kevin Nash v Hogan feud that a lot of people wanted to watch in it's entirety.
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