Would you introduce a cruiser-weight division for 3 hour RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 31, 2012.

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  1. With RAW having an extra hour something will need to fill up time. Would you perhaps reintroduce the cruiser-weight division and utilize the high-flying talent available to you?
  2. It's one way to fill the extra time. I'm not sure I'd do it if I were in charge, but it's a good idea.
  3. Sure as hell..

    Kidd, Gabriel, Hunico, Slater, Sin Cara, Bourne and Barreta..
    Add them, and bring back the Cruiserweight title.
  4. Yeah, sure why not.
  5. [size=x-large]YES POLICE

    cruiserweight battle royal to determine who the vacant Cruiserweight title will go to!
  6. Oh definitely. I'd love to see more highflying
  7. Sure, ala WCW back when NWO was hot there ere guys like Eddie, Jericho, Malenko, Misterio, Juventud, ect tearing it up during the first part of the show.
  8. I'd love to see it personally, but if I were in charge of the company, I don't think I would. The cruiserweight division only really got over in WCW. It never really got over in WWE, which is why they got rid of the title and division altogether.
  9. I would MarkyMark for this idea :yay:
  10. Oh please do!!!

    They have the talent to do it, but just don't. Look at how over the X-Division is in TNA despite it being mistreated for years (thanks, Bischoff). If it's just going to be treated as more filler (as it was before) at least it'll be entertaining. If you want to stay within the 225-pound weight limit, even Miz and Truth would fit in there.

    But will casuals care? These guys have been nothing but jobbers due to the outdated notion that it's all their good for, but they'd probably give Big Show more promo time if they don't, and nobody wants that. It's worth a shot.
  11. You can easily make them care. A flurry of consistent good matches = you getting over. Sin Cara was massively over. Kingston is constantly over because of his style.
  12. I'd agree with you (good examples btw), but as Dolph's said it didn't work before.
  13. Meh, clever booking, interesting story-lines and decent length matches is all that's needed. People could drop in and out of the division all the time (the smallish main eventers can anyway). It can also help a lot of stars careers too if used properly. Like the tag-team division - it has so many benefits.
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