Would you jono?

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    @Delik seen this wnd instantly thought of you so would you do it?
  2. I don't need to, I use their £4.99 deal which is delivered :obama:
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  3. Its delivered I've always thought it was collection only that offer lol
  4. As long as you order over the minimum amount of like £8.99 or whatever it is yeah you can get it delivered. At least at my store anyway
  5. Lol I never knew that
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  6. You need to tip better Jono.
  7. We don't tip here, people actually get paid a wage :dawg:
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  8. Hardly lol
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  9. Waiters in the US can be paid as little as $2/hour because they're expected to rely on tips. £6.70/hour is like $10/hour, significantly better.
  10. Delivery drivers make around 5 here plus change, and you are comparing the lowest to what can arguably be considered the highest where you are. How can I expect them to make more than the pizza costs per hour?
  11. The highest? £6.70 is minimum wage (or around that, like £6.68 or something stupid)
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