Would you like Cyber Sunday back?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by leojay, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. So, with all of this social media stuff that's been going on with the WWE lately and how successful its apparently been, do you think it could be a sign that a PPV like Cyber Sunday could be brought back?

    Would you like Cyber Sunday back?
    What should it replace?
  2. The thing is the choices were always painfully obvious. You would have like..

    Brock Lesnar vs...

    Zach Gowen (Blindfolded)

    With match choices of either

    A Staring Contest
    A dance off
    A 60 minutes irnoman flaming hell in a cell surrounded by nude women.

    Apart from that yes I would quite like it back.
  3. Lesnar Vs Funaki in a staring contest :gusta:
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  4. Fuck no. :eww:
  5. That would actually be really awesome in it's own way.
  6. Nah...I'll pass.
  7. That's really the only thing wrong with it. Also stuff like last week on RAW with the three different names for a No DQ match poll.

    If they had serious polls for opponents and match types what would you guys think? D:
  8. Naw, the polls were rigged.
  9. Not only this, they're already doing it on Raw every week now so I don't see any reason for it to be brought back.
  10. The WWE Universe think they are important by voting :jericho:
  11. :lol1: I wonder how they feel like when the option they voted for wins. They probably get so happy, prowd or something.
  12. :jericho: "Daddy daddy Santino gets a world title shot! That's exactly who I voted for!! Yay!! Do I get chocolate milk if he wins???"

    :sad: "But I voted for Daniel Byran......" :((
  13. :dawg: Poor smark parent having to deal with his mark kid.
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  14. I loved the concept, but the polls were either rigged, the poll options were inane, or the wonderful people who live in our society would do things like give title shots to Hornswoggle and Great Khali. While it pains me to see WWE so out of touch with their fans, maybe that's for the best if the fans want that shit.
  15. we will either get crap choices with 1 good choice, or fixed results o.o
  16. Yes if the results weren't fixed. As the concept was a good idea just poorly done which was a shame. Also why not for the WWE as you could charge a small fee to vote so kerching but of extra cash. Obvs not like £1.50 a vote but something smaller like 50p which is more acceptable and would encourage more votes imo.
  17. Why not charge like $10 for the PPV and $1 per text? Wonder how much money they could get if they tried it?
  18. Or as Rainman says make the PPV a bit cheaper so ppl are willing to vote as if you could get a shed load of votes the cash registers would ring.
  19. That sounds pretty genius tbh, I'm guessing they outsource the texting service so I'm unsure how much of a cut that takes but still it could be a huge earner for them.
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