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So I hear all the time about how Royal Rumble never has any surprises anymore. It'd be cool if WWE caught wind of this & decides to squash that by pulling 2 double surprises & swerves at the same time. Setting up 2 huge matches

What do I mean? I mean this...

At Royal Rumble, The Fiend is either in a match or shows up after with that red light completely destroying somebody.

Beating the hell right out of them. Bloodies them right up. It goes on & on & on until finally the lights go out...

People screaming obviously because we all know who this is right? Setting up one last match between the two, playing off their previous meetings at WM.

Atleast this is Taker's plan. Lights out, people are screaming ect ect, the lights finally come back on & The UnderTaker is standing behind the kneeling Fiend.

More screaming from people as they are frozen there for a moment. Before The Fiend ever turns around or even realizes anything is happening, LIGHTS OUT again!

Lights are off for quite a few seconds & when they come back on the fans are going insane.

The Fiend is gone.

Disappeared. The Undertaker looks dumbfounded, very confused. Standing behind Taker with the cable still attached to his trench coat, holding his bat. It's Sting.

He had other plans & was waiting & watching as he knew Undertaker would show up eventually.

The camera zoomed in on Taker's face, he struggles to figure this out, then though as he goes plainfaced, he realizes & his eyes go huge. He knows who it is. He is furious, he snarls & quickly snaps around to grab sting by his throat but instead Sting shoves his bat into Taker's throat & holds him there as he wags his finger back & forth. Then he points to the WM sign.

Is it over? No, Taker isn't having it & kicks Sting in the gut. Then he hauls back his his big hand to follow up but Sting jabs him in his ribs with the bat, brings it down on his back for another shot, Scorpian Death Drop.

Taker Vs Sting at WrestleMania

Then the Rumble match 30 guys have come out. Everybody thinks it's over. Let's say the final five are left & it's Joe, Roman, Seth, HHH, Drew. Seth was the last guy to come out.

So right after HHH & Seth gang up to throw Drew & Joe out It's a huge surprise when yet again the countdown clock pops up. Its one of the AOP.

Michael Cole: "What the?! This isn't fair... What is this? We've already got 30 guys, is this HHH's doing?"

Roman gets ganged up on by HHH, Seth & 1 1/2 of AOP. They beat him down for awhile but of course, ol big dawg fights the odds & starts to finally come back & get the upperhand until Seth starts motioning for somebody else to come down the ramp & the countdown pops up yet again.

Cole: What the hell is this?! ...oh I wonder who this could be. That's gotta be the other half of AOP. Not sure how this is fair.

3... 2... 1... Nothing happens for a few seconds. HHH puts his arms up in the air as him & Seth look confused.

CM Punks music hits.

People lose it ect. He gets in the ring beating everybody up.

Cole: Well I still don't understand why there's the 32 men here...

All of the sudden the lights go out and up on the screen is The Royal Rumble logo & over top of it fades in "the 33rd annual"

33rd Rumble... 33 guys. The countdown pops up one more time. As if Punk wasn't enough of a surprise & just when people thought it was going to be Seth vs Punk

3... 2... 1... glass shatters

Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out in phenomenal shape beating the crap out of everybody & sets up CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin at WM

Who wins the Rumble? I'll leave that up to you.

WOULD you like it if this happened though?
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Too much happening. You really need only one major angle. A couple of small angles are nice as well, but this would be too much going on.

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