Would You Like It If The American Bad Ass Were Still Around?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Feb 15, 2014.

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  1. Anyone who knows anything about the Undertaker immediately knows that I'm of course referring to the more human, Biker incarnation of the character that first debuted at Judgment Day 2000 and who was then 'killed off' at Survivor Series 2003. This version of his character was more human and much closer to his real-life personality as well. He walked, talked and acted like a normal human being, he rode a motorcycle, he had a wife, he didn't speak in tongue or give cryptic-like promos, he incorporated stuff from MMA/UFC into his moveset (due to his love for the sport), etc.... all of this as opposed to being the more mysterious and enigmatic version of him that we all know as The Dead Man/The Phenom/Lord Of Darkness/etc.

    Being honest, I do like the Dead Man version of Taker better but looking back at the Undertaker since his return to his original form in '04, I'd also argue that it would have made just as much sense (if not more) for his American Bad Ass character to have stuck around. For example, as the Biker Taker, he used to regularly talk about the ring being "his yard" and how he would make anyone who stepped into his yard famous. Doesn't this go along well with people challenging him every year for his immortal Wrestlemania streak? It fits right in with people continuously trying to make a name for themselves by being the one to finally knock off Taker at Mania and end the streak. Take his feud with Punk last year as another example. Punk's heel character in 2012 and 2013 was one who delusionally believed he deserved respect more than anyone else in the company and being that Biker Taker was all about respect and how it has to be earned, that aspect of it could have played a very vital part in the WM29 rivalry between them. There's other examples but I don't want to ramble on too long. Point is, Taker's ABA character would have fit in well these past several years, and I know there are many out there who love the gimmick just as much if not more than the Dead Man character.

    Anyway, simple question - would you have minded (or maybe even preferred) if the Undertaker had stuck with his American Bad Ass character all these years?
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  2. it didn't make sense to go back to the deadman IMO. I've never been crazy about 'the deadman' after the other gimmicks, not that it wasn't great initially

    Cult leader MOD taker > biker > deadman
  3. I think he went back to it largely because it was around that period that he first started considering retirement and some felt he just wanted to have one last run with the old gimmick before hanging the boots up for good. Riding a motorcycle to the ring also made it a lot easier on his knees (given his constant knee problems over the years) than having to walk down the aisle every night.

    If he had known he'd be sticking around this long, I wonder if he would have still ditched the Biker gear for the Dead Man get-up again, especially considering he hardly does anything 'mystical' with the gimmick nowadays.
  4. I find his character these days to be a drag, frankly.
  5. Ive allways felt that way about taker, I love his ring work just never a fan of his gimmic.
  6. The ABA gimmick was awesome and suited the Taker at the time. I'm sure if it had continued it would have got old by now same as The Deadman gimmick has tbh. Its difficult there aren't too many gimmicks you could give Taker in keeping with him being as tough as he is and made out to be.
  7. at this point? No.

    But i guess in all honesty he could come out as Necro the sicko and we would all still mark.
  8. No. It would've gotten stale after all these years.
  9. And Deadman isn't? Come on. We can all agree as far as the come back for one Mania a year type of thing, the ABA or even Big Evil are better gimmicks. As my man Lockard pointed out he doesn't even do mystical shit anymore as the dead man, what is the point?

    ABA Taker protecting the streak makes more sense and would make for more entertaining build up. The build for Taker's Mania matches since HBK have been free sleep aid.
  10. I disagree. Especially with the part about the build for matches since HBK. His mind games with HHH being the COO and avoiding facing Taker. The excellent inclusion of Paul Bearer and the urn in his storyline with Punk (although some would find it disrespectful). But, if that's your opinion, I respect it.
  11. I don't care about respect, as I know Bearer would have been all for Punk using his death to get heat (Bearer knows the business isn't personal) but I just found it to be cheap and lazy to have Punk make fun of Bearer. I certainly didn't find it entertaining.

    The HHH build was sort of funny unintentionally, but that was it. I remember the IWC blowing up when he wore a wig lol
  12. For sure. I never really liked the deadman gimmick too much, but I respect it. American Badass was great.
  13. Lmao, the wig thing was funny.
  14. I would love if he was still the American Badass. It was great.
  15. I don't see why it would have been necessary to be the Dead Man during the build to their "End Of An Era" match. The ABA could have easily been apart of that angle. Mocking Bearer's death was alright, but Punk "disrespecting" Paul Bearer's death by juggling the urn and dropping it on the floor was terrible and lazy writing and just a poor way to try and get Punk heat. I think the last time they tried to get heat on Taker's opponent by using the urn was 1995 with Kama Mustafa, and that's a feud that everyone would like to forget (actually, no one except me probably even remembers it, but still.) Punk dumping the ashes on Taker was a good segment though, I'll say that. Another thing I disliked about the Punk/Taker feud last year was the fact that Taker barely even said anything on the mic to Punk. I can't foresee that being the case if he were the American Bad Ass, especially with the whole "respect" angle that would have been part of the feud.

    Speaking of Punk/Taker, there was a segment at the end of their submission match at Breaking Point 2009 where Taker's humanness started to creep out a little in his facial expressions at the end when Teddy Long restarted the match. Just look at 20:30-20:52:

  16. I'd love if the ABA was still around, he was a far deeper character than the deadman. I don't know why they regressed into the deadman charcter. ABA was a great heel too, that whole Big evil thing. I remember when he damn near killed David Flair before the WM match with Ric. He had some awesome catchphrases too, like how he'd talk about his yard, or make you famous, or Deadman Incorporated. Very cool character.
  17. I would enjoy seeing him return as ABA.

    I do know that his current "Deadman" character is intended to incorporate different aspects of all of the "incarnations" Undertaker has gone through since his arrival in WWE (the clothes are similar to MOD Taker, the striking moveset from ABA/Big Evil Taker, the promo style/base character from the original "Deadman" gimmick).

    Having said all that, though, just go back to being ABA and come down on a motorcycle and I'll cream my little shorts.

  18. If it means going back to using the Last Ride as a finisher then hell yea. I loved his ABA Gimmick and honestly i like the Last Ride a lot better then the Tombstone. Might just be me but i just don't like the Tombstone Piledriver and never really have.
  19. Please don't be offended by this, but....are you frickin' serious?!?!?!?!?! :why:

    All kidding aside, I like him using the Last Ride, but I've always been a fan of the Tombstone. Different strokes and all, I guess.

  20. Anyone notice last night that when Goldust and Cody Rhodes were playing with the toys backstage, they showed a toy of Undertaker on a motorcycle and said "...there's the Undertaker on his Harley." I'm probably looking too much into it, but I wonder if that was a slight clue that Undertaker is returning next week as the American Bad Ass instead of the Dead Man. They're usually very protective of Taker's Dead Man character and have gone out of their way in the past NOT to bring up that he used to ride a motorcycle and portray a different sort of gimmick.
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