Would you like Russo back?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. Simple, yes or no?
  2. What the fuck? Fuck no

    I'd like him to crawl back into his mother's womb
  3. Why "What the fuck?". I've seen plenty of people admit they'd like a filtered version of him back.
  4. Fuck no. I'm glad to hear that TNA has gotten rid of him as well.
  5. He is the epitome of fuck sucks. He certainly has no place in todays WWE. His ideas would be shot down faster than he could get them out of his mouth

    I want him to stay the fuck out of wrestling for the rest of his shitty life
  6. :laugh:

    I'd welcome some more gimmicks and original story-lines personally. TNA didn't have any filter around Russo.
  7. No no no oh god no.

    He would have Michael cole win the WWE title and end the undertakers streak!
  8. Yes. WWE needs shock value and interesting characters so desperately right now that the typical stupid shit you get with Russo seems acceptable.
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  10. It's not like Russo is the king of gimmicks or storylines. These things are easily attainable without that cancer, but WWE doesn't seem interested in them. Russo wouldn't change that IMO, he would just be phased out.
  11. Who says? :russo:
  12. Yes his unpredictability with a filter and used within reason could make for some interesting times why not!
  13. That's my attitude atm."Why not?", can't get much worse can it?
  14. Precisely could give the product a much needed kick up the backside!
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