Would you like to see a "pure" division in the WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Mar 22, 2013.

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    This stems from the discussion around the X-Division in the TNA section. TNA was and still is known for its X-Division. The division that focused on showcasing amazing matches and in ring content, pushing the envelope of what was done in a wrestling ring. Jerry Lynn said it best "The only limit is there is no limits" (paraphrased). This in turn got me to think of the old PURE division in ROH, which also focused on pushing the envelope of what wrestling was athletically. It also integrated rules like you were only allowed to use the ropes to brake a hold 3 times and the count out was set to 20 instead of 10. And that in turn got me to ponder. Would WWE benefit from a division like that?

    Imagine a division within the WWE which went outside the typical match structure. Pushing the envelope of what you would expect to see out of a WWE match. You can fill this division with guys like Bryan, Kidd, Ohno, Cesaro, Tensai. Guys we know can go in the ring. The division would be focused on in ring competition as the basis of the feuds. Competing about being the best. Plain and simple a division which focused on athleticism, with story attached to it instead of the other way around.

    It would not need to become a major part of the company but it could be a way for the E to cater to smarts and technical aficionados. Ideally it would in my mind have a title but with the pure amount of titles the WWE already has I don't think it would be doable and I don't see them refocusing the IC or US title for it. I'd also put the division on Smackdown mainly so to build a reason to watch the show. The members of the division could still compete in other matches but it would be in the "pure" division that they would shine.

    Would you like a more athletic division in the WWE?

    How would you set it up? title? no title? What show?

    Would another belt have to go if it needed a title, and which?
  2. Yes , It would be pretty awesome .Bryan Cesaro, Kidd, Gabriel, Koffi, Epico, Primo, SinCara..Could perform awesome matches.
    Great thread
  3. It'd have to be booked without the normal WWE shenanigans, IE cleanly for both allignments which is why It'd need a booking change, plus the title structure is a bit heavy currently IMO so drop the US title and Divas and allow the time to always building the pure division up. A heel could alter the ruling rarely for extra heat and that's it.
  4. Sounds interesting. But all this talk about being the best... Isn't that basically what the world championships are for?

    Yes, I know it's not all about technical prowess and who can wrestle the best scientific wrestling match, but still, there's that feeling of being 'the best in the ring', which is basically the equivalent of saying who can win or lose more when it counts. I think more than having it's own championship, perhaps there should be a 'movement' among the creative team to involve the more athletic aspects of wrestling into the feuds and matches in general more. Perhaps more feuds that are themselves based around the concept. Building an entire championship around it seems tricky to define exactly since in theory, that's what all championships are essentially about.

    I think if you go this route, you might as well just bring back the cruiserweight championship. I've always understood that the X-Division title was pretty much the cruiserweight title of TNA, more or less.
  5. X-Division never really had a weight limit. Samoa Joe is arguably the greatest X-Division champ yet and he is by no means a cruiserweight.
  6. It really wasn't a cruiserweight division in all honesty, it had strong stories and great wrestling and was the pedastal to the main event for a lot of guys. X Division was really TNA's IC equivalent if anything.
  7. We're so in sync it's scary, was gonna post this pic aswell...

  8. That was just something I read from Lance Storm on his website, I think. He said calling it the X-Division Title was wise since it took attention away from the fact that the guys were smaller, unlike what the Light Heavyweight and Cruiserweight titles did.
  9. Granted a lot of the guys in the X-Division have been smaller. But it has never really been just about high flying. But rather about pushing the in ring envelope and combining it with interesting stories. Like seabs said it kind of is/was their IC title but they put focus on pushing the in ring to its very best.
  10. This is too wrestling orientated for wwe i am afraid, would be good if it did happen.
  11. I don't know, I'd enjoy it, but the concept feels weird given WWE's current kayfabe structure.
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