Would you like to see Russo back in WWE in some capacity?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. Mods: If you want to move this, go ahead. Posting in Smackdown because Russo as head writer of Smackdown just seems like a good idea to make the show stand out and be different, something it desperately needs.

    But with us all complaining about WWE being as predictable as it's ever been, would you like seeing Vince Russo back in some capacity? And if so, what? As a head writer of a show like Smackdown? Or maybe as the clown in the back of the creative meetings yelling out ideas?
  2. I don't care who the writers are as long as they help produce quality television, but Russo needs to stay away (far, far away...) from any wrestling company. But I'd probably take Russo over someone like Cornette. I'd rather have crash TV that was at least entertaining as opposed to logical booking that was boring.
  3. With McMahon as his filter and without him being the head writer of everything, I think it'd be acceptable. Wouldn't be my first choice though.
  4. Definitely, just for the lolz. Anything is better than crappiness like now. :russo:
  5. Vince Russo worked well with Vince McMahon. He was the one to bring good stuff to the Attitude Era, and also some bad stuff. But he has a filter in Vince McMahon, and given the chance they might do great things together again. I mean, it can't be worse than it is now, right?
  6. Vince wasn't as retarded back then as he is now though. I can see Vince just agreeing with every Russo idea, so we'll see a stuffed teddy as WWE champion.

    But in all seriousness, I wouldn't mind Russo booking a show or two to be honest, at least he's somewhat creative.

  7. Gotta agree with all you said here. Vince McMahon seems to have lost his marbles long time ago. It really is a shame that Shane McMahon left the company. I would rather have him run the company than that other guy... Paul Levesque...
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  8. Yeah it is a damn shame that Shane wants nothing to do with it. I'm still optimistic about HHH being in charge. He controls the developmental show NXT and that is better than RAW and SmackDown most weeks, even though it is just a developmental brand. He seems to have the same passion for the tag-team division as us and has been hiring some decent wrestlers as of late.

    However, there is a more pessimistic view I can take, especially with him being the reason Sheamus is so God damn over-pushed. He's also a Brad Maddox fan apparently, though that hasn't quite shown in booking quite yet. HHH > Vince though, that's for sure.
  9. The problem I have with this guy running the WWE, is that he doesn't put his ego aside. He will push those who become his best buddies. I mean look at McIntyre (who is close friends with Triple H), the guy doesn't get released, despite him having no purpose. Sheamus is over pushed in a very very bad way. Although, to his credit, Sheamus did get better in-ring (especially when he wrestles brawlers like Wade Barrett). But he still sucks nonetheles..
  10. As long as their are no on a pole matches.
  11. That's sort of natural I guess. I agree that stupid wrestlers have and will get pushed because of who he likes and doesn't, but that happened with Vince as well. It probably happens with most promoters who have a lot of control. What I dislike about his ego is the refusal to accept failure (which Sheamus' push has been in my opinion) and the illogical business decisions like Punk losing to HHH that time. But he lost to Brock cleanly and has created a great brand in NXT, so I'll give him a chance.
  12. Are you fucking joking??? Vince Russo killed WCW no way can he be in WWE
  13. Vince Russo was in the WWE prior to his tenure in WCW. He was the guy who made Stone Cold and The Rock. He was the guy who had the most influence during the Attitude Era.
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