Would you like to see the following former WWE, WCW and ECW wrestlers to make a comeback in WWE...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Aztecwarrior480, Oct 8, 2017.

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  1. to wrestle and train young growing wrestlers on NXT?

    Following Wrestlers:

    Al Snow
    Perry Saturn
    Lance Storm
    Dean Malenko
    Stevie Richards
    Montel Vontavious Porter(MVP)
    Rob Van Dam(RVD)
  2. Only one I'd give a role as a coach is Stevie.

    None of the others would fill a role that isn't already filled at the PC. Stevie is good at character work and turning chicken sh*t into chicken salad and how to own a gimmick, something that is a bit lacking since Dusty died.

    The rest can keep trucking with their own projects.
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  3. Sabu needs to comeback to teach theses kids how to point and botch every move while being high
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  4. I'd say maybe have RVD do some special matches like Tajiri and Thunder Liger did, but overall I wouldn't sign any of them. Stopspot had a good point of Richards, but I personally don't know too much about him so I'm not going to say him with what I know
  5. Agree with this one, Stevie Richards wasn't going anywhere until he got the RTC character. The heat he could draw and the promos were great and really put his character over. You wanted to see him get his a$$ kicked. Guys who know how to take nothing, make it into something and put it over should be helping the guys at the PC work as in-ring you can't fault the talent but the mic work & promo work is where some guys have been let down in the past
  6. If they do, they do. I don't really have strong feelings on it one way or the other. Obviously, enough to comment, but that's it.
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    I loved MVP's heel run in TNA. Would've loved to see the same kind of run in WWE. He was a complete natural at that. The problem is, MVP had or has a hard time pushing his own stock. Once the surprise wears off, that's it. That's the apex of his popularity.

    He's definitely missing something. I say the same for RVD, but his specialty is in hardcore matches, which WWE isn't willing to do anymore.

    Perry Saturn is this "punk" character that shares a [sort-of] resemblance with Scott Steiner. I don't see him having a big an impact that he did in WCW. He needed or needs to be in a stable like Raven's stable.

    Al Snow is forgettable. Seriously. All that I've seen of him is when he gets in there and the crowd would join him with the meneque bullshit.

    I would LOVE to see Bully Ray in WWE, but the wrestler himself already arrived in WWE and had a run with Bubba Ray, didn't work, wanted to do Bully Ray, but can't because of WWE's reluctance due to the "Don't be a Bully" promotion. I believe, that if WWE had just let go of that notion, Bully Ray would have been in there by now. And he would have had a great run. "Ray" usually has a great run as a heel.

    I can't stress this enough: PG WWE is stupid. We can't have Bully Ray. We can't have Stone Cold Steve Austin. We can't have nWo.

    UGH! *Double facepalm* I can't get over this bullshit!

    Vince can't get over the fact that WWE is a WRESTLING company, an ENTERTAINMENT company. God! Why can't he understand this!?
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