Would you mark if Cena had a legit injury?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, May 20, 2013.

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  1. Okay, lets get the politically correct bullshit out of the way: We don't want anyone getting injured. Surely none of us want any performers, even Cena, having serious bodily harm done to him. This isn't a "omg I wanna kill that guy" thread, this is simply a "how would you react" thread since injuries are simply a part of a business this dangerous.

    But more and more here in the hub of Cena-hate known as the IWC as WWE has restored the status-quo from 2009, I've been seeing more stuff like this...

    ...and now we were teased an a assumedly-kayfabe injury with Cena getting slammed through that stage thing. So lets be honest: How would you react if Cena has to actually miss a couple of months with an injury? And is it really okay to be okay with a Cena injury? Where's the line towards when we take our hatred of the Cena character too far?
  2. I would but I know he not!
  3. I would hate it. oh my goodness, I cried seeing John Cena on that stretcher.
  4. I don't wish injuries upon anybody, not even someone like Khali. I think that it goes to far to wish for someone to be in physical pain like that.
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  5. As long as it wasn't life threatening or something that would cripple someone, I'd have no moral qualms about it. Anything to get Cena off TV for awhile. For me, it's less of a case of wishing injury and more of a case of "Well, if he DID get injured, at least we wouldn't have to see him on TV for a few months."
  6. I wouldn't get my hopes up after thinking a bit. Of course, I wouldn't have to sit through boring Cena crap being shoved down my throat, but they'd probably just fill the show with more crap. They wouldn't push a face midcarder to his spot in an entertaining matter, and even if they wanted to, who would they push who's been prepared? We'd probably get HHH to replace him, or Taker, or Punk, someone like that.
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  7. Lets call it holidays. Please then take a long break cena
  8. I seriously wouldn't give a shit if he was legit injured. Like other have said, I don't wish harm on the guy, BUT IF it did happen I just wouldn't care. Nope, not even "I don't like the guy, but I hope he gets better" crap. I'd be more like "Heh. Sucks for him" and that's about it.

    Entertainment wise. I wouldn't mind seeing him gone. If it gives guys like Bryan, Ziggler, The Shield, hell even Ryback some more time under the spotlight then the longer he's gone, the better.
  9. I wouldn't lose a ton of sleep, but it would take me a few days to get over it, sure.
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