Would you mark if...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. Brock returned to save Heyman in the Ryback vs Heyman match (if Punk isn't cleared) and decimated Ryback, creating a feud where Brock vs Ryback happens at WM?

    I would. It means no HHH vs Brock, it means Ryback vs Punk can finally be over so Punk can move on to building with Rock, and it's a logical way out of Heyman vs Ryback.
  2. That is a great scenario. If it does happen though, I hope they don't force a Punk/Brock alliance as those two work better on their own. Lesnar with a partner just seems wrong to me. I think I posted in another thread I'd like to see the old "next big thing" against the new "next big thing". This would be the most logical way to make it happen.
  3. Absolutely! I don't want another match between HHH and Brock, but I still hope to see Brock vs Taker at WM but that won't happen so Brock vs Ryback would be great!
  4. This seems like a very good storyline and feud that could be built from this however I don't think this is going to happen.
  5. :nope:

    Ryback needs to prove that he can work a long match before being put in a match as big as that one.
  6. :NO: :no: :no: ! BROCK VS. UNDERTAKER AT WM29 OR WE RIOT!
  7. I wouldn't mark but I wouldn't be mad. As I've posted before the idea of WWE being smart enough to cement a new star (Ryberg) against a top guy who is a part timer (Brock) is a smart choice, but still not something I'm especially hyped to see.
  8. totally , its a great idea, sadly WWE doesn´t like great ideas :/,but i can see this happening and somehow HHH being involved on ryback´s side
  9. I've been pondering that idea since HIAC. It would have been a logical way for Punk to retain the belt there, but I prefer the finish they went with. Now it's a logical way for Punk (or Heyman) to survive the match with Ryback and yet build to a match at Wrestlemania where Brock puts over a younger star.

    A neat way to book it would be to make it look like the odds are stacked against Heyman/Punk more than ever by having Vince come out and say that no WWE superstar or employee (that includes the Shield) is allowed to interfere in the WWE Title match, or otherwise they will be fired. The trick being that Brock isn't a WWE employee - he was fired when he broke Triple H's arm and only returned to face HHH because HHH is the one who laid down the challenge. So, they couldn't do anything to him, but Ryback demands Vince to "feed him Brock" (imagine that chant with the crowd) at Wrestlemania, and Vince agrees.
  10. Simple yet effective. Great thinking, this is a good way to book their match.
  11. True, I guess that's a possibility. Would be great to see, part timer putting new star over, cool. I'd mark I guess.
  12. I would mark if that happened but I doubt it will. What happens with Ryback and The Sheild? To me, it looks like Ryback just found his two tag team partners (Sheamus & Orton) to face The Sheild at RR.
  13. At the moment I would mark, but the match itself.
    Not really sure about that.
  14. I'd love to see Brock rough him up a bit as he hasn't been manhandled as of yet.
  15. Anyone else remember that report that they had an altercation backstage at a Raw?
  16. If that happens and Shield don't win, then it will be Nexus all over again. With Sheamus involved there is no chance of Shield winning. :emoji_slight_frown:
  17. Yeah and Ryback had like a black eye? I might be wrong.
  18. It was fake, just in case users like BLFFL come in and start yelling stuff.
  19. That is true. Considering currently it's been 3 on 1.
  20. Re: RE: Would you mark if...

    It's more likely Ryback ends up standing tall lol
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