Would you "marry" yourself?

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  1. I thought this was interesting. Watch the video and answer... Would you marry yourself?

    The Vows :

    Love yourself for richer or poor : Love yourself right where you are.
    Love yourself for better or for worse : No matter what your worst parts are, you accept them.
    Love yourself in sickness and in health : Forgive yourself of all your mistakes.
    Love yourself to have and to hold : Love yourself the way you want someone else to love you.

    TLDW - You accept yourself completely and love yourself right where you are so that you are better able to love people where they are. Basically, when you learn to love yourself you truly learn to love others unconditionally and selflessly. The only true physical relationship you will have with anyone is with yourself, you just choose to share this relationship (or not to) with another person. Make sense?

    I thought it was interesting. I know a lot of these TedX things can be nagging and one sided but this makes sense to me. How can a person who doesn't demonstrate love to themselves truly love someone else? That is like telling a person who has never spoken Spanish before, to speak Spanish. It makes no sense. It also makes sense why so many marriages, relationships, and even friendships fail. We blame the outside person for not loving or caring enough when it was us, not caring enough about ourselves.

    TLDR - Would you marry yourself knowing you don't love "You"?
  2. Cookie cutter zzzzzz filler filler filler

  3. Maybe if I was The Rock
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  4. I'd fuck myself but marry? Nahhhhhh
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. I don't see why not. It'd probably be a drunken affair though.
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  7. I wouldn't marry me but i would get a nice 2 bedroom townhouse w/me
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  8. Nah. I'm high maintenance. Someone else would be a better role.
  9. Marry myself ? Sure, but the sex would be non-existent and I'd ultimately end up in bed with somebody else.
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