Football would you pay 20k to play 10 mins of football for maccelesfield town?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Gav back in the championship, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. maccelfield town have just announced this today there allowing one lucky fan to play 10 mins of a cup or league game if they pay 20k id want to play a full game for that lol not a bad idea to raise funds thougg imagine what a premier league team would charge
  2. I wouldn't pay 20k just for 10 minutes. That's like paying Messi to play 1 minute. Makes no sense at all imo.
  3. Well thats a retarded idea
  4. 20k may be what Messi or Ronaldo earn in a month. A MONTH! A MOOOOOONTH!
  5. sorry i didn't get it is this sarcasm cuz you know messi earns like 1.2 million net per month right?
  6. Say what? Messi is on like £250,000+ a month.
  7. I don't really know how much does he earns tbh. But the question is: 1.2M counting his sponsors? I meant only what Barcelona pays him.
  8. Barca pays him £3.50 (at current exchange rate) + a step ladder.
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  9. Searching I found that Barcelona pays him 18M euros per year. Sorry. I didn't even google it before posting...
  10. yes after looking it up Barcelona pays him 14 million net per year
  11. I found 18M per year. Just because of the titles Barcelona won this past years.
  12. but messi don't pay tax so it's all screwed ££££££££££
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