Would you prefer Dolph to cash in on RAW, SmackDown or PPV?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Simple question really. Out of the three where would you want him to successfully cash in and - in his own words - capture his first world title?
  2. PPV. It's a bigger deal when it's a PPV, though cashing it in at a random RAW would be pretty shocking and unexpected.
  3. As long as he doesn't do it on SD! then I'm not fussed really. As Deth says, PPV would obviously mean the most but Raw would be awesome for the surprise like Miz and Punk.
  4. I think it happening during the RAW main event with Ziggler ending the show might have just as big as an impact as a PPV cash-in, and it would be seen live by more people.
  5. It would be cool on RAW to cash it in when the show looks over(logo and about to enter commercial) with the WHC lying on the floor and as the screen goes black to go to commercial all of a sudden Ziggler's music plays and he cashes in.
  6. Would be great to see this TBH...
  7. Re: RE: Would you prefer Dolph to cash in on RAW, SmackDown or PPV?

    Good idea, but might backfire if done too long after the logo shows, because if you're like me, as soon as the last raw logo shows at the bottom i turn the channel. Would be unique as hell though.

    I think it would be a bad idea to do it on Smackdown unless its a live smackdown.

    He should cash it in on Main Event![/sarcasm]

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  8. Actually, him cashing it in on a Raw where Rock or Brock are scheduled to appear (aka a RAW where it's pretty much guaranteed to get high ratings) could work very well.
  9. I'd be pumped if he cashed it in on Smackdown. Most people wouldn't see it but it would attract more people to follow smackdown, I think? Who knows
  10. Saturday Night Slam ofc. Nah, PPV I guess, but Raw would be OK.
  11. Eww god no. Ewwwwww.

    1) SmackDown is taped, so we would ALL know Dolph Ziggler cashed in before we even see the show. How anti-climactic is that?
    2) SmackDown gets terrible ratings (in comparison to RAW), so less people will see.
    3) It's the B show, no one cares about SmackDown.
    4) It's not a special mark out live moment if it happens on SmackDown.

    I could probably list 1000 reasons, but most of them would mean the same thing. Which is that SmackDown sucks, is taped, and is the WRONG place for a cash-in moment.
  12. A live Smackdown would be okay but it would have to be a very well marketed and special one so that people would actually watch it live. Sadly WWE doesn't care about the live ones since everyone who watches SD still watches it on Friday so whatever ratings they get on Tuesdays are just extras with the Friday night ones.
  13. No, even live SmackDown would be a complete let down for Dolph.
  14. Hey i was just responding to the OP. I think it would be great despite everything you mentioned. Everyone knew Mick was winning the WWF championship and from that night on WWF/E owned the ratings. So give it a shot, what will it hurt?
  15. BTW i may be wrong but i believe Dolph is recognized already as having a world championship at one point. Pretty comical but he is
  16. It would hurt Dolph, it would hurt his long reign as Mr MITB holder, it would hurt the champion who lost it. Cashing in MITB is a segment which dominates the show. If it happens at a PPV it's the thing you're talking about afterwards, if it happens on RAW it's the thing you talk about afterwards and are shown constant recaps of, it's a big big thing. It shouldn't happen on a taped show that WWE and its audience don't care about. Dolph deservers more than that.

    You can't compare modern SmackDown to WWF where Foley won, you just can't. Just my opinion however.
  17. He does deserve more and it was just a suggestion really. I think the WHC is pretty much a joke though and they've given it to him before for 11 min, so hopefully this time it turns out better for him. I like Dolph and wouldn't mind the next PPV
  18. PPV obvs as it gives it more status. Plus ppl are saying the WHC is less prestigious these days that is true. But surely if anyone can raise the belt again to the top level its DZ.
  19. Yeah he said himself in a non-kayfabe interview that he doesn't count his first reign at all, and WHEN he successfully cashes in it will be his first title reign. I agree with that, the first one was a complete joke.

    TLC I guess is perfect for Dolph.
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  20. I was thinking Elimination Chamber PPV.
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